Adding more storage on Windows machine

so after a few hours, I’ve finally got things running. Is there away under Windows GUi or editing files to add more storage? I have a number of large drives I want to add?
if I need a second node setup, how do I add another under the same installation?

Any thoughts and help are very welcome???

Currently there isn’t a built in way to start more nodes on Windows, but a community member has created a tool for doing so. I suggest looking at this thread.

I would suggest you wait until your first node is vetted before you start an additional one though. Vetting will take n times longer for n nodes. And once they are vetted, they will share the same ingress traffic so people often will wait until their first node is full before starting another one.

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what about increasing the usable space set aside for the node, i have it at 3TB and would like to change that then as the drive is much bigger and I can always span or extend the drive under Windows as well?

I do not recommend to use spanned volume for storagenode: with one disk failure the whole node is lost.

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I had some good experience with the new Windows Storage Spaces with Parity…
Though it’s a software based solution, with the right hardware it performs and does its job.

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So we need some good instructions on how to run a 2nd node then, please. My node has used all its space in less than 24 hours


You have only used 3GB of the available 3000. That is 0.1% of your total space. Relax, your node will slowly fill in the next months


sorry… my mistake in reading the numbers

The official instruction for Windows and second and next nodes - use the docker version.
Unofficial - you can use a Windows Toolbox.

I really could do with some instructions for the windows toolbox please?

I think there is no instructions, the only this thread:

Your node is empty. Adding 3TB in one day would require you to have 10 000 Mbit/s internet, i don’t think you have that.

You also don’t want to add more storage to a node as you would have to rely on software “bundling” all your hard drives. If that software breaks all your drives could break and your node is dead. The best would be to add another windows machine and another drive to that.

hi, yes I read the numbers to quicky early in the morning…