After DQ on a satellite, does the useless data get deleted?

Hi all,
After being disqualified on some (not all) satellites, does the node delete the now useless data from those satellites automatically? Or how do I delete data from only those satellites manually, please?

At the moment - no. We have an internal issue for that. The lead thread is mentioned by @nerdatwork in a previous post.

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Appreciated, also @nerdatwork. So there is no way do delete the useless data manually and I have to wait for an update, right?

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Yes. We strongly follow not deleting any data manually unless instructed by Support Staff.


Can I check how much data each satellite is storing on my node? Perhaps a graceful exit would be the best way forward (if e.g. the satellites I am DQ’d on stored 7 TB of data on my node and the ones where I am OK store 200 GB).

You can start GE and it will show you data stored for each satellite. This is shown before you enter the name of the satellite you opt for GE.

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