Garbage after GE

I did GE on Stefan satellite a few weeks ago, the garbage collector clean all files with .sj1 extension, but Stefan’s satellite folder contains also files without extension:

And those files consume ~255GB

I have two questions:

  1. Why it is not deleted?
  2. Who will pay for it?

I don’t think you can expect a payment for storing that data since its Graceful-ly Exit-ed the network.

I agree it should be deleted.

Did your temp folder reduce in size too after the GE ?

So, if anybody will not pay for it, can I should delete it in a manual way?

Do you mean a trash folder? If true, yes, it reduced significantly, I monitored situation about 2 weeks.

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it would be nice if Storj could give SNOs a “safe date” to delete manually all the files older than this date.

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Absolutely not, wait for a Storjling to respond. We never delete anything manually unless officially told to do so.

No, I mean the temp that’s where you find .partial files. Anything inside trash is emptied in 7 days so I am not worried about trash folder.

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Here is current status of temp:


My temp has oldest file from a year ago with 3GB size in total. Also blob is 6GB for me. It was stuck during the last wipe and I meant to make a post if blob folder should be manually deleted.

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@Alexey @jocelyn Can I ask you for help with questions on this topic?


I opened an issue on GitHub.

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I try to UP this topic again because 9 days gone and anyone from Storj Labs is not answered what I need to do with this garbage after GE? I wil be glad to see any coment…

Where is the transparency? :smiley:


I also have files left over after GE.

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@monty are you about at the moment?

Will try to UP this topic again… more than 20 days are gone and no any comment from Storj Labs…


Did the massive GC for stefan-benten clean up any of this data on your GE node?

I see only one node is clean, but the rest still has the same size of garbage in blobs (not inside trash)

Attaching screen, as you can see, nothing changed (the same node like on initial post):

I wonder if this has anything to do with my node actually having significantly more data than the SN reports.

On one node I got 48MB left in stefan benten blobs after GE (finished in april). Also 0.5MB in trash.
On the 2nd node I got 52GB left in stefan benten blobs after GE (finished in april)! Also 1MB in trash.

we are working on it, what issue will be fixed soon, thanks for understanding


Thanks a lot for your feedback and confirmation that fix in progress!
It is very important to keep in touch, a few words much better than silence.

I have one open question: who will pay for this garbage after GE?
It persists on my nodes for more than one month after GE.