Allow to merge two nodes into one


It may be interesting to put a function to join 2 or more nodes into one.

As a node operator I had 3 nodes, each separated on a hard drive as recommended.

What happens now is that I have migrated from having 3 separate disks to a RAID-Z1 (ZFS raid) so now having 3 separate nodes on the same Volume doesn’t make any more sense.

Is posible create something like the Gracefull exit but saying exactly which node you want to transfer your data to?

Thank you

Also, split would be good.
Also multidisk node where audit is per disk.
Node merge makes lots of sense with disk sizes of 26 TB available soon

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Yes, it is not necessary to have a raidz. but with a disk that is larger it would be the same.

Assuming I have 3 x 4TB and now I have a 20TB drive I no longer need to have 3 nodes on 1 drive.

Having 3 nodes on a disk increases the IO Delay much more than if you had only 1 node with the same amount of information.

Likewise, having 1 or 3 nodes will receive the same amount of information that comes from the satellites.


yeah, but 3 disks serve data 3 time faster than 1 big disk.