Alternative to noip and ddns?


I have sucessfully installed Storj on my Ryzen VPS and my Raspberry Pi 4 Arm64 bit at home. So far so good. VPS is filling up slowly, and the Pi is working with some stability. I think that a home broadband connection will mean it might be a touch slow is fulfilling requests.

Anyway, I have to use a DDNS service with with home setup, namely noip. Is there an alternative to this? or another compatible service without the 30 days activation annoyance?

I also don’t understand why this is needed when identies are unique, wouldn’t that mean every node, regardless of IP is in fact unique, or is something else at work here?

Thank you in advance.

As it stands currently, nodes shouldn’t need a hostname specified, I think there was some move towards removing it. It was basically needed for Kademlia network, otherwise satellites have your address at all times, since you need to login with (a) satellite(s) to get any traffic.

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If no hostname is needed I can remove the noip pointer from the docker setup?

The only time you can do without a hostname is if you have a static WAN IP. If you have a dynamic WAN IP, you must use a DDNS service. So you can either specify the host name, or an IP, but it must be present in the docker run command.


Try it does NOT have 30 days reactivation like no-ip.


My WAN IP is dynamic so I am bound to using DDNS like noip.

@nerdatwork does dynu need additional software on the storj node?

My suggestion would be to see if your router has any built in providers for DDNS and go with one of those. Using your router to update your DDNS entry is more reliable than running an updater program. If you are lucky it will support a provider that doesn’t require 30-day verification.

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Any DDNS system needs additional software on your side, it doesn’t have to be on the node specifically though. You need to inform the DNS server of your current IP address, hence the need for software.

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Its same as NO-IP minus the 30 day reactivation part. It has its own utility like DUC named Dynu IP Update Client

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@nerdatwork @Storgeez is seems the client for Dynu is not Arm64 compliant as I am running a Raspberry Pi 4 with 8Gb ram. Any work around for this? support multiple hosts with ipv4 and ipv6.

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second for i use it on my nodes.


YES! duckdns works on Rpi4 with 64bit OS as it only uses cron job and a simple script. free 5 hosts


Great to have a list of alternative DDNS providers for future users!

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free 5 hosts


german-based non profit project


I use changeip because it’s the only one that doesn’t have a 30-day like annoyance thing that my router supports.
However, I wouldn’t recommend it as I faced a refresh issue twice in 6 months which forced me to temporarily switch to no-ip (also configured on my router).
Besides no-ip never got my ip resolution wrong (but does annoy me every 30 days).

Just for the sake of completion, I guess…