Announcement: Storj to shut down europe-north-1 and us2

Please scroll down to this part:

Q: What updates can be provided regarding the shutdown of us2 and europe-north-1?

A: At this point we are still finalizing the exact shutdown process and timing, and will communicate more about that as it is determined. But we do anticipate beginning to delete data from the satellites very soon.

Very soon is now :slight_smile:


Any idea if they are doing it by batch or are everything already be deleted?

It is being done in batches.


sitting with around 8TB more free/pending! looking forward to use for more real customer data


Sitting with 48 TB free space :sunglasses:.
Customers, please come inside! We have cookies! :cupcake::doughnut::cookie:


I have 180 TB of free space now.

I wonder why US2 hasn’t been shutdown first considering it only has 23TB. Currently EU-North-1 has 306TB left to delete.

they wan’t to save money.
europe had 3.28 PB = ~5k $ per month
deletion of much data is better for them.

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Will this bug be finally fixed?

Because I am still getting the message on my oldest node from Stefan satellite, and I’m pretty sure I will get more message after the 2 test satellites are decommissioned.




Interesting my nodes show that i have 7.6 TB from this satellite.

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Maybe it will be deleted soon by GC…?!

Yeah, it looks like it:

My nodes still has 241.31 GB data for EUN1, and 14.13 GB for US2.
By the way, the one node is missing the blob folder for EUN1 completely.

Should we completely remove the folders of US2 and EUN1 now that therte is no more data on them but some nodes still have the blob folders?

  • EUN1 is not even reachable, so it wont send the deletion command anymore :confused: I have just checked and I have a few GB left of blobs on each of my nodes (~15GB on each).
  • In the case of US2 I have around 800 MiB on each node.
  • Regarding trash in both satellites there are only a few megabytes now.

Is there any plan to completely remove these?


Also I wold asc will it Be returned held amount this month?
I also have 7tb of data from this satellite when it will be deleted?

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How can I tell which folder is from which satellite?

The team is currently working on some solutions and will post here when they are officially ready.

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How do you check how much data is available for one satellite?