Another node/drive on Windows

I want to use another hard drive on a windows system. How can I move my node to Docker or can I combine these 2 Harddrives to one node ? Thanks

It is recommended to use 1 node per drive

The recommendation is running one node per drive.
I can assume that you already have a one node on your Windows system.
You can install a Docker desktop on it (Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise only) and setup a second node for the second drive:
Each node must have an own signed identity and published port, so you should choose a different port for your second node:

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Ok Guys,

i want to install a second node and had read the infos here in this thread.
Have all done but the Windows installer GUI installs only one node not a second or a third.
What should i do to to run it and install it via the GUI?

Do not use the GUI for second, third, … nodes
Please, use a CLI instead:

Ah ok ist only possible over the CLI?

With the GUI installer it’s not possible to install more than a one service on the same Windows.

Ok is it possible that anyone can describe it step by step?
I got errormessages from docker like no matching manifest for windows

You should switch the Docker to Linux containers.