Ansible deployment

Is anyone looking at developing an ansible module to deploy
satellites and storage nodes?

I am interested but would like to not re-invent the wheel if possible


Very interesting idea I’m thinking about doing this as well. Did you manage to make any headway in this direction?

I deploy my nodes via Ansible on Docker, anyone interested in the Playbook (Prometheus/Graphana Dashboard included)? Then i will put it on Github as example, and we can even improve it together.


Please do share this and send me a link. I’ll add it to exporter/dashboard repos. I might contribute too as got some ansible experience.

Please @Arkina, It would be great to collaborate on this :)!

Small Update, i have not forgot it, i just wasn’t able to work on it this Weekend. I have started to put the Playbook in an proper Ansible Role (With the target to provide it via ansible-galaxy), as i think it makes more sense this way. Also i reworked some Steps and variablised some Settings so it can be customized where required.

A short Featurelist of the Role:

  • multinode Setup per Host (with optional VPN Setup, if required)
  • setup Watchtower Container (can be disabled)
  • setup Storj Exporter Container per Node (and build, if required)
  • setup Prometheus Container (can be disabled)
  • setup Grafana Container (can be disabled)

Also i working on a proper Readme, otherwise it would not be that useful. I hope i can share an first Preview Version within next Week.


Looking forward to it, @Arkina! Thanks for sharing :D!

I have now finished a first commit on the develop branch. You can find the role here:

:exclamation: Keep in mind, it is still Work in Progress, i haven’t tested it yet, (only verified that it should run trough). I still have things which i want to implement, but you can already start to play around with it, and give me Feedback or create Pull Requests :wink:

Once i have a good working state i will create a first Release and add it to ansible galaxy.

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Amazing! This is great work! I’ll study up, and see where I can contribute! Thanks again, @Arkina!

Ok, i have now pushed the first stable version to github and ansible galaxy, have fun :slight_smile:


Loving this! I’ve used multiple parts of this for my own integration/learning! Very very helpful. Do you have an ETH address, such that I can buy you some coffee for your efforts?


Glad you could use it :slight_smile: Would appreciate it, i sent you my address. Thank you already in advance :I

@Arkina nice work!
I notice you’re building docker image for my exporter within the tasks and guessing it’s because there’s no images for arm architecture. I’ve just made some changes as below and looking for somebody to test this.

If it works I will publish latest for multi architecture and you can then remove the build steps.

Also when configuring Grafana it is possible to pull the dashboard and set it up with ansible. I’ll try to raise a PR for this a bit later.

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Jepp thats correct, that was the fastest thing for me to get it up&running. but nice that you also going to support multiarchs! Therfore i going to remove that in the future (it optional anyway).

Yes i am aware of that, just haven’t checked it our for now. Would be happy to see your PR, once ready i will check and add it!

Also if someone has an idea for that role, but not the knowledge to implement it create an Feature Request and i will see what i can do.

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