Any sign of payments this month?

Any sign of payments this month?
Or Storj on vocation yet?


I got my payout through zkSync 3 days ago.

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I received my L2 (zksync) payment on Friday; maybe the L1 payments are processed a bit later?

Same here. My zkSync payout has arrived a few days ago.

I got my L1 a few days ago

Did not get December with zksync as well. Why?

This points to your node not being setup for zksync.

I don’t think all the nodes have been updated to reflect this, as my undistributed value is still high (although I received payout)


And worked since then.

Ok. It could be as @pdwelly says… Have you checked in the zksync wallet?

Not yet, but shouldn’t it be visible in the dashboard?

The dashboard takes time to update from the satellites.

No L1 Payment Till now :man_shrugging:t2:
But there is no Payment-Thread, think they are in Progress :wink:

StorjLabs always said payments would be made by the 15th of the month.
So far, they never failed!

You guys may start worrying on the 16th :wink:


You are right, so nothing to fear about :wink:

But Unfortunately they say a lot in terms of payments and nearly every quarter they change Payment Thresholds, Held payments back and so on.
I really love the project, but the communication and the handling of payments is really bad - wouldnt be surprised if there is some new parameter in the payments they announce 2 days before the progress applies (if any) :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry, take this as constructive criticism :wink:

Edit: Aktuell sind die Gas-Preise auf der ETH-Chain z.B. wieder relativ hoch, vermutlich sind die L1-Payments deswegen ersteinmal pausiert worden.

L1 payments are still in process on the same Payment Thresholds. Please don’t worry.


I got a payout, but my statistics for December are still not displayed as well. I think both things(payouts & statistics) are not related.

I would say a dependency is a relationship. First, the payout needs to finish and then we can import the results back into the satellite DB. The data you see on the storage node dashboard requires the output of the payout script.


Sorry for bothering but once all the payments have gone through will Storj create a post summarizing it all?


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Yes there will be a post after payouts are complete, just like there has been for the previous months.