Any sign of payments this month?

What if there would be some extra payout statuspage, were the current state of the overall payments (and past ones) are displayed? Maybe even per type?

Then we could save some regular monthly postings to search and everyone has a clear view of it. Also there could be announcements placed, payment updates, used tresholds and so one, so everything is in one place.


The main Problem is the Lack of Communication and the lack of continuity in such a sensible topic like payments.
After years and month of the Project and a lot of Feedback from the community it looks still not very professional.
Bad press which is likely easy avoidable for such a great project as is.

Why would you need that? Did you ever not receive your payment in the promised timeframe? Because in the last years, they never failed to pay me in time. Why would you want to waste time on checking a status page when you know that your payment will arrive in time anyway? I really don’t get it…

I got payments with a monthly continuity for the last 2 or so years.

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That is great, but its a fact, that the payment conditions has been changed several times last year (Thresholds etc). If you are not affected, good for you :wink:

I do not really need that, it is a suggestion how to improve the infromationflow and to centralize information as the monthly posts will be done anyways. Also it feels like those discussions happens every month and it maybe can be tackled down with this approach.

And no i always have received the payments, i totally trust storj. (i do not even check it everytime)

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They do and it’s getting old indeed, but a lot of those discussions could be circumvented by simply waiting until the first 2 weeks of the month have passed.

Simply: Yes.
Because there was a Change or a new threshold without any announcement except some statement in a Forumthread to some other topic some days before it applies …
As stated: A lack of communication.

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We just Used to get payment between 4-8 days. So payment like this is out of normal order and usually this makes nerves when things are out of normal order. Also those peole who get payment last week, got it with better lower price, so tokens was more, and now getting profit from price rising. So this makes more unhappy.

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The payment completion forum post was made on the 14th November (November 14, 2021: Payouts for the month of October complete PLUS another payouts plan update), so not really ‘out of normal’. Also it’s well known by now and mentioned in the FAQ that payments are made in the first two weeks of the month - SNO Payment mega-FAQ

Also mentioned multiple times StorJ payments are tracked in USD and converted at the time of payout - Minimum Threshold for Storage Node Operator Payouts - #12 by jocelyn.

StorJ do not concern themselves with token speculation with rising and falling token prices

For those who seem so interested in why the payments have taken “longer” this month, a tiny amount of investigation and you would have found your answer… the ETH balance for the STORJ wallet went too low so transactions wouldn’t complete - 0x303EDCD8DbE1607fe512D45CC15d3E41fa4db44B - ethereum address history, charts and balances explorer - Ethplorer - 3.0 ETH has been transferred in so transactions should resume, although high gas prices might be delaying the process.


It is not just important for SNOs. It is also important for customers because their data availability relies on it.


In fact they do just because they pay in Storj-Tokens and they pay the one SNOs several days before the others.
If the wont, they should make it a stablecoin or pay everyone at the same time (or within several minutes).

Yeah, and why is there noone at storjlabs who can do a small posting with the information? Simply the fact, that there is no official answer within 3 days is a mess …
I simply don’t get it why storj is forfeiting trust every month again :stuck_out_tongue:

I simply don’t get why people ask the same question every month when the answer is always the same.

From my point of view there is no mess nor no loss of trust for StorJ. some SNO’s on the other hand expect StorJ representatives to answer the same question repeatedly to users who don’t read the FAQ.


I imagine internal communication didn’t get past a couple people managing the payouts. Everyone else was unaware and busy doing other things. Should there be a policy and formal control in place that if X happens during payouts that there is a public notification to alert SNO’s to a delay? Possibly. Storj is a small company and documented processes aren’t in place for every eventuality.

Note, we do have the Fireside chat, and the Townhalls, among other things, and we do solicit the Community for questions to be answered during these events. If you have long standing questions you would like to be answered, please consider submitting them on our next one. They tend to get circulated to the executive team and can give you more formal answers than individuals on the forum as to why things are the way they are.


Thats your pov and thats ok for me :wink:
No reason to get personal :wink:
My pov is, that there is no FAQ which could answer Questions about problems in the payment cycle or new thresholds or changing thresholds.
The question is there every month again because the conditions are changing and changing without information about.
If storjlabs sends an email “Payments stuck caused by XY” or “New Threshold in X Weeks” and so on everyone would be informed and im sure the questions will be less.
Instead of this we have frustration and rumors.

Dont get me wrong, I really love the Project and the Progress of the Project.
But its the same problem with changing payment-parameters and a lack of information for months now.
You write emails about next Townhalls and some Newsletters. Why is there not a small Mail about Problems in the Payment-Cycle or a mail if the payment-conditions changes? I think it couldnt be so expense, everyone is informed and there would be less rumors.
Or use the Notification-System of the Storagenodes.
But in such a sensible topic like Payments - and Payments are important for us SNOs - the mention of fundamental changes in subordinate clauses in forumthreads is not enough.

JustMy2Cents, I dont want to spread bad blood here, get it as constructive criticism.
I want to skyrocket the Project like you all do :wink:


That is incorrect and quite hostile. Would you like to know why the simple math that you might have in your head doesn’t work and when it will fail?

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ok, I delete post, sorry if upset didn’t want hostile - just want project to fucus on technical to get better, and crypto is just dragging you down - it smoke in way of progress.


Hey friends! Thanks so much for your patience with us.

This month, we made some new backend changes to our payments process to prepare for some exciting announcements I’ll tell you all about once we have the summary to post, but @Stob is right, our pipeline dumbly ran out of Eth and ever since then the gas prices have been higher than the target the pipeline was looking for. I agree it’s an embarrassing mistake. We’ve restarted the pipeline with a much higher gas target to try and get most folks above the threshold paid. There aren’t a ton of payments left.

@CutieePie - if it’s any consolation, many of the issues here (like, for instance, not having a more noticeable safety guard about Eth funding, like @Stob pointed out) are precisely because we have the vast majority of the team focused on the storage product, and only a few people work on our payments system. That said, with fluctuating gas prices hitting a moving target is admittedly a bit harder.

Anyway, thanks again for all of your patience and we’ll have an update for you shortly.


Thanks JT, I appreciate you popping in to give us an update.


Yes, thank you for the explanations!
Constructive Feedback: If the Statements came some days earlier, much Bad Mood could have been avoided :wink:

Edit: Payment received now.