API metrics addition

Please add back the metric audit successCount so we can track the progress of the vetting.

Additionally please expose the space used by different satellites. This is already done when pretending to start a Graceful Exit but doesn’t exist in the storagenode API.

I use atRestTotal parameter from API

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This is quite inaccurate because it’s TBh

I’m sorry, I didn’t check the API carefully enough. Looks like it got added at some point under /api/sno/satellite/<sat_id>/CurrentStorageUsed

I’ve asked the SNO growth team if we can put the audit metrics back into the API, and they said they can. They just need to schedule the work.


Until they do that, you can get the data from one of the databases.

My script as an example:

Set the db_file variable to point to the location of that file.
run the script like this
php satspace.php 12rfG3sh9NCWiX3ivPjq2HtdLmbqCrvHVEzJubnzFzosMuawymB content
“content” can also be “trash” or “total” (which returns content+trash).

Thanks but it’s for the prometheus exporter. Adding db access would be more complicated.

@kevink @greener challenge accepted?

Just kidding, having the vetting metrics back in the API would be best. Glad to hear that they may be back soon.

I have a challenge for you :smiley: Learn go and the go prometheus exporter library and integrate it into the storagenode directly :crazy_face:

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Hah! That would be quite the heavy lift for me haha. I’m okay at configuration, but I’m not really a dev. Hopefully they can incorporate that in the near future.