April 13, 2020: March payouts for Storage Node Operators are complete

March payouts are now complete

Hello! All payouts are sent. One payout has been sent per satellite to each payout address.

(For those folks who are new to the process, our payouts occurs within the first half of every month. So while the payment period is always consistent – first half of the month – the specific date within that period may ‘float’ from month-to-month. )

If you have feedback or questions about your specific payout, contact support@storj.io

As always, we very much value & appreciate our community!


Yay :blush:

Is that so? I have 2 nodes using the same STORJ address, and I received 10 payments (that is 2 per satellite).

Edit: Ah I see that’s expected: MAR 10, 2020: Februay SNO payouts are complete - #16 by littleskunk

How is it going with the automated payout process?

Please let us to know average ammount by average configuration for SNO payments i this month !