April 2020 SNO payouts are complete

Hey Storage Node Operators!

April 2020 payouts have been completed. You will notice a surge of 160% for this month. Your node’s dashboard will be automatically updated in the next 24 hours to show all April payout information (no software update is required).

Thanks again for being a node operator. You are the reason this network is possible!


Wow… 160%…

I think we need to thank you!


Much appreciated! My last payments came in just before this post and I’m quite happy with the results.

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Just to make sure: is the surge of 160% applicable for April or May?

I’m actually a little bit surprised about the amount I just received. I expected it a little higher even without surge. So I assume that it should be even higher if the surge is for April.
How can I make sure there is no error?

Thanks a lot anyway!

The surge applies to April, so the payouts you just received. You can check with the earnings calculator to see how much it should have been. The dashboard also shows some data, but at least for me it is currently missing the data from the stefan-benten satellite. The earnings calculator will show data for this satellite, but will be missing the surge payout info until the paystub data is reported back to your node. It looks like this for me now.
Note the missing surge line for the last satellite

Please double check your payouts and if you find there is still an issue, you can file a support ticket. https://support.storj.io/hc/en-us/requests/new
If you have questions about the calculator itself, you can ask me here as it is not an official tool.

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Thank you again for your help. It’s clearer, as usual :slight_smile:!

I actually forgot the check the right line (the total in the upper part contains the held amount).
The total I got is now a little bit less that what I’ve been paid but I suppose it’s because of missing surge payout info on stefan-benten satelitte, rigtht?
Another question: I suppose the total surge is not always 160% because of missing info about surge payout on stefan-benten, satellite, right?

Thanks again!

Correct on both accounts. Luckily I already prepared for the possibility that different satellites could have different surge percentages or only a subset could have surge payout. So it shows the percentage based on the info it has available. Once the last satellite reports in with the paystub data, it’ll be the same across the board again.

Thank you.

By the way, could you help me understand the dashboard?

It is not consistent at all with what I got from the storj earnings script :confused:

The dashboard is still missing payout info from the stefan-benten satellite as well. It also lists all amounts before surge, except for the held back amount. It also displays TBh instead of TBm, but uses the TBm unit anyway. It still needs quite a few fixes.


Why payments data still not fullfill? In my case blockchain transaction count more by 5 over api records count.

Because satellites pays to each node

All payouts already received. As transaction in blockchain. But not data about it. This is not good. Especcialy in fact data is first, payouts second.