Are incoming transactions blocked if I have a pending transaction?


All is in the title.
I started a transaction on my wallet with very low fees. I know that this may “block” my wallet since my transaction (which is just a “send” transaction) is still in “pending” state. I know that I can fix this by re-sending another transaction with the same nonce but I’m just curious.

So for the moment, I can’t send another transaction (except if I use the same nonce with higher gas price).
But my question is: are incoming transactions also blocked (e.g. Storj payout)?

Thanks for your help!

Negative. You can still receive many transaction.


By the way, is that normal that I still didn’t receive my payout for december?
I know that payment occurs during first 2 weeks of the following month but does it mean that:

  • payout should occur during first 2x7 days?
  • payout should occur during first 2 complete weeks (if so, I suppose we have to wait until tomorrow evening).


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