As Storj is currently targeting media and entertainment

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It looks like Storj is currently targeting professional Entertainment, Media and Video use cases for Storj DCS which is really good. Let me share 2 things that I have found, which could be interesting for Storj to reach professionals in this industry:

First one is a German website:

This site is spot on with information all around technology in film, entertainment, video and tv. For example they had a special on how a German version of Netflix moved their 3PBs of on premise assets into AWS S3: Joyn nutzt AWS-Cloud für die Bereitstellung von Videoinhalten -
A search reveals, that they have repeatedly published articles on AWS and they have very actual information about upcoming industry events like fairs and information about future technology use in this industry.
Storj could partner with this site in several ways, they offer advertisement and sponsorships. To note the credibility of that site, please note as existing sponsors well known companies like Arri, Media Broadcast, Quantum and Arvato.
I believe if Storj would get some mentioning from that site, it could help to get some attention in this field at least here in Germany.

From that website I also noted an additional event, that will take place soon:

What caught my attention is that they have a special on Web3 this year:

In addition, there will be a special on Web3, the Metaverse and media in the NFT economy in 2022. TV broadcasters, audio experts and technology providers will be presenting at the Expo.

Now if that isn’t the perfect environment to introduce and present Storj DCS, what is it? Options are to become an exhibitor or a partner. Amongst the 2021 partners were Vodafone, Microsoft, Google and WarnerMedia.
There is probably not much time left to apply for the 2022 event. If Storj cannot be there to attend in person, maybe at least a virtual or non-personal way of presentation still could be arranged. Something like handing out information on Storj DCS or freebies like discount coupons for Storj DCS or whatever. That again could help to create some recognition for AWS S3 alternatives in that business field here in Germany.


Thank you @jammerdan :slight_smile:
I’ve passed this on internally.
You always find great stuff !

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:smile: Thanks.
But there is also an amazing transition going on in that industry.
For example C2C = Camera-To-Cloud.
That is awesome. Professional ARRI cameras uploading every take into the cloud making them available instantly for post production, collaboration or presentation. Here is an example from (Which by the way can integrate with Amazon S3 and therefore should be able to integrate easily with Storj DCS):

Now just imagine, Storj DCS would come into use for all this… We are talking about Petabytes over Petabytes of data… :partying_face:


I still have plenty of free space on my nodes…. #justsaying :wink:

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I have a solution for you. If you could call graceful exit on your node that will give me more used space :smiley:

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And here is some additional well written piece on Camera-To-Cloud trend for everyone who is interested in what the future might bring (to Storj DCS):

This article mentions some companies that are already shaping that future:

Former now acquired by Autodesk:

They see new technical roles and responsibilities on film sets

“That’s why it might be time to think about having a dedicated production network manager on the set,”


This is a big opportunity for cloud companies and I expect there will be a major breakthrough over the next four years given that cloud storage processes have been relatively flat for the last three years,”

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