Something interesting for Storj?

Maybe that’s something for Storj to attend:

@bre @super3


Indeed, this can be interesting. :+1:t2:

Looks like a great event.
Wish I could volunteer to attend :smiley:

I bet. But honestly I see potential there. AWS, Microsoft and Slack are there for a reason. :money_mouth_face:

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Yeah I think that too. And Storj could make much more out of this than just attending an event.
Storj could position itself as not just for developers, but also as partner for startups.
Most startups need some sort of storage today and most startups will be grateful if they don’t have to pay high AWS prices for their storage requirements.

But in Munich you will also find a vibrant startup and entrepreneurship community and culture backed and supported by the two large local universities, LMU and TUM. This means there are a lot of potential customers and partnerships. Let me just link to some high profiles Storj could reach out to:

So if you ever want to go there, make sure to have enough time and schedule some further talks around it.