August 4, 2021: Payouts for the month of July are complete

Hello! Payouts are now complete.

We paid 2102 unique wallet addresses on layer 1. All of these wallet addresses earned enough that the payment fee was 1/4th of the payout amount or less. There is no specific minimum payout threshold dollar amount, but it was roughly around $15. There is a lot of instability around the London fork, but we did indeed try our best to catch a low gas moment. We’re excited about the potential of EIP-1559 making things better.

We paid 854 unique wallet addresses through zkSync. Once again, we did not enforce minimum payment fees here at all as an incentive. Across both layers, there were 2956 unique wallet addresses.

If you have a final balance less than ~$15 and have not opted into zkSync, we’ll hang on to your payment in case fees drop more. Otherwise, you can opt in to zkSync and get paid sooner.

Thanks everyone!


Fun! Finally got a few token. But mostly it is fun to see it working.


Just noticed that my accumulated funds were enough for me to receive my 2nd level 1 payout since starting as a node operator last November. My first payout was for November and just 0.05997236 STORJ and the equivalent of 0.02USD at the time. If I’m reading Etherscan correctly, Storj paid 0.00154452 Ether for that transaction which looks to be about 4.50USD just to transfer me the owed 2 cents. I fully understand why they went to the model they’re currently using. Luckily, I probably fit the mold for their desired SNO. Always on broadband, on hand hardware that is available for use, willing to stick with the project long term, and patient. The 3 nodes I’m now running are picking up momentum so I’m anticipating my next payout will be in less than 8 months this time.

Apologies if my post doesn’t add much value to the thread but this is exciting for me. Being a SNO is my first entry into any “distributed” internet project and receiving STORJ token is also my first foray into having/using any sort of cryptocurrency.


I just hope, that your second payout is more noticeable than the first one!
Thank you for participation!