Graceful Exit Guide

suspension and audit score of 100%. I just used the standard command for a grace exit.

Do you have to wait a few days to get the held back amount even though the graceful exit was successfully performed a few days ago?

Then the GE is failed for that satellite, audits was not failed. Seems AP1 could be in the same position.

The held amount from successfully exited satellites will be added to your balance and distributed via L1 in the nearest payout period (first two weeks of the next month for a previous periods), if the total amount of our debt is four times the commission for its transfer. If you opted-in for zkSync, then it would be distributed independently of Minimum Payout Threshold.

ok, so I won’t be getting the total held for Europe-North, EU1 and AP1 then I presume. Thanks for your assistance


Hello all,
If i have +50% Held Amount Rate and i exit node properly. I keep my 50% ?

That’s correct iirc.
EDIT: It is not, see @Alexey’s reply below.
Basically if your wallet adress is no longer linked to any Storj satellite (i.e. the node graceful exited all satellites), then in this particular case there is no minimum threshold anymore, and all the money that StorjLabs owns to the SNO will be paid in Storj tokens during next payment phase, even if it’s only $0.03 worth of tokens, for instance.

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This is not the case anymore, see




Really? Oh.
That doesn’t sound great :slightly_frowning_face:

I mean, it implies that someone who decides to gracefuly exit might never get their held amount back?

Feels a bit unfair… Isn’t it?

As long as we expect another payout on the same wallet address (graceful exit not on all satellites or multiple nodes) we will just send out the held amount as soon as the payout is high enough. If a node operator quits entirely we will send out the remaining balance even if it is below the threshold. It might just take a month longer than you might expect.

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@littleskunk then what I said is correct?

Maybe what’s not accurate is my next sentence:

If the SNO has several nodes, then it’s true the threshold still applies, as the wallet address is still linked to some sats’.

Anyways… :sweat_smile:
Just don’t stop SNOing :arrow_right: no problem… :grin:

This is no longer true as per JT’s posts as @Alexey quoted. Unless you use zksync, the threshold still applies. You might still get payout if the transaction fees drop.

This was changed in response to community feedback. People were complaining about not getting paid while nodes that got disqualified did. So the threshold is now universal for all L1 payouts including terminal accounts.


GE Error

I got this error. CMD run as admin. Node is over 15 months old.
Any suggestions or help?

Hello @virus0190 ,
Welcome to the forum!

Your disk with databases is too busy to respond. I would recommend to specify storage to 0B and storage2.monitor.minimum-disk-space: 0B for the node to prevent new uploads, then restart the service

net stop storagenode
net start storagenode

After that you can try again.

Thanks @Alexey, it worked

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Will it do one after the other?
Frist us2, then ap1… and so on?

If it is so, is it possible to change sequence?
I would like europe-north to be the first one.

Satellites should prepare the list of nodes for transfer pieces. The US2 finished first and thus your node transferred something. If you started them all - then your node would upload pieces in parallel.

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I would like to know how I can configure these parameters.

graceful-exit.num-concurrent-transfers: 5

graceful-exit.num-workers: 4

I have Fiber with 300Mb upload. The router is from the fiber company, a brand name router is better quality.

To what value can I configure the parameters so that the output is faster?

What is the recommended configuration?

The recommended configuration is a default configuration.
All other - on your own. You have read a warning and should be aware that if your router/ISP is unable to process many parallel connections - your graceful exit could fail and your node will be disqualified in this case.
If you think that the risk is worth it - then go ahead.
You can change these parameters either in your config.yaml file or as a command-line option (useful for docker version of storagenode). For binary nodes (Windows GUI/Linux GUI/binary) it can be modified only in config.yaml. For Windows GUI the default location is "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\".
After you changed config.yaml, you need to save it and restart the storagenode.
For Windows GUI this can be done either from the Services applet, or from the elevated PowerShell:

Restart-Service storagenode

For docker nodes you need to stop and remove the container, then run it back with all your parameters, include changed ones.
After change is done - it’s better to monitor your logs for failed transfers, they should not be more than 5 times for each PieceID, otherwise such a transfer will considered as failed permanently. If the percentage of failed transfers will be greater than 10%, your node will be permanently disqualified on that satellite.

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I think it’s not worth the risk.

I think I’ll wait.