June 4, 2021: Payouts for the month of May are complete

Wow! What low gas prices this month!

We’ve just completed payouts for the month of May, following some of the new process rules outlined in this previous post: Feedback on Layer 2 Payouts. Here’s the summary:

We paid 2,635 unique wallet addresses on layer 1. All of these wallet addresses earned enough that the payment fee was 1/4th of the payout amount or less. There is no specific minimum payout threshold dollar amount this month because we’re moving towards doing it per transaction, but it was around $10.

We paid 865 unique wallet addresses on layer 2 via zkSync. As an incentive, once again we did not enforce minimum payment fees at all here, though we may do so in the future.

In keeping with the previous post linked above, we did not close out any terminal accounts. If you have a final balance less than about $10 this month and have not opted into zkSync, your options are to either opt into zkSync with your node, or let us hang on to this final balance for you in case fees drop even more.

As always, thanks for being a fantastic storage node operator community! We appreciate the input, feedback and collaboration to ensure the ecosystem works for customers, satellite operators, and storage nodes.


Even more good news, this month was the held return point for nodes that have been online since saltlake was first introduced! Took me a minute to figure out why my payout was more than I was expecting!

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Took me a minute to figure out why my payout was less than I was expecting!

Undistributed payout $6.42



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Not all satellites have reported back their payout data yet. Noticed the same thing with my earnings calculator. Wait a bit until they have all reported back and that number will drop to 0. Not sure why you got less than you expected, but this is just a reporting back issue.


Do you have other nodes with the same wallet?
If not, then it was likely lower than a minimum payout threshold: June 4, 2021: Payouts for the month of May are complete

By the way, did you check your wallet on etherscan.io or zkscan.io (if you opted-in)?

Indeed, it’s nice to see the held amount returned!
Though, I notice that there was a surge (100%) for may.
But surprisingly, it is not included in the distributed amount.

Did I miss something?:thinking:

[Edit] ok, actually the surge amount displayed is not “in addition” to the earnings. The % includes the normal earnings + surge. So 100% surge means there is no surge.
Sorry for the mistake! Didn’t even see that it was already displayed like this for the previous months.


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Wuhuu finally the first payout this year ^^ ~55 STORJ