Graceful Exit Guide

Not necessarily sometimes nodes get disqualified after the exit is complete. Please check the exit status on your node itself. If there is a receipt listed, the exit was successful and you will get paid.

I successfully performed a grace exit on the Eu1 node. last week but it is still showing when I run the grace exit command. It is showing 0% used which is good, however the Current Months earnings is going up and I have an amount still held.


Heartbeat, could you share the output of storagenode exit-status please?

Can you tell me how I run the command? It says command not found?

You should be able to run it the same way you ran the exit-satellite command, i.e.

sudo docker exec -it storagenode3 /app/storagenode exit-status --config-dir /app/config --identity-dir /app/identity

I get this

It does not appear that EU1 is anywhere in the output you shared - is that the full output?

yep, check this out!

It does not look like EU1 is in the list of satellites that show up when you do the exit-status command. I know you already tried to run it, but when you do exit-satellite again for EU1, does it show up in the exit-status list afterwards?

That’s interesting, it appeared, then about 10 seconds later is disappeared

Could you check on the dashboard - is your node disqualified on that satellite?
And could you check also ap1 satellite?

I get this on my dashboard

Your node has been disqualified on 12L9ZFwhzVpuEKMUNUqkaTLGzwY9G24tbiigLiXpmZWKwmcNDDs . If you have any questions regarding this please check our Node Operators thread on Storj forum.

Checking my emails, looks like it was disqualified when I tried to graceful exit?

Your Storage Node on the europe-west-1 satellite has been disqualified and can no longer host data on the network.

It can be disqualified during the Graceful Exit, if number of failed transfers is greater than 10%
The reason for failed transfers usually the router which cannot handle the load. Especially if you tweaked parameters of Graceful Exit to increase the speed of exit.
What’s audit score for that satellite?

suspension and audit score of 100%. I just used the standard command for a grace exit.

Do you have to wait a few days to get the held back amount even though the graceful exit was successfully performed a few days ago?

Then the GE is failed for that satellite, audits was not failed. Seems AP1 could be in the same position.

The held amount from successfully exited satellites will be added to your balance and distributed via L1 in the nearest payout period (first two weeks of the next month for a previous periods), if the total amount of our debt is four times the commission for its transfer. If you opted-in for zkSync, then it would be distributed independently of Minimum Payout Threshold.

ok, so I won’t be getting the total held for Europe-North, EU1 and AP1 then I presume. Thanks for your assistance


Hello all,
If i have +50% Held Amount Rate and i exit node properly. I keep my 50% ?

That’s correct iirc.
EDIT: It is not, see @Alexey’s reply below.
Basically if your wallet adress is no longer linked to any Storj satellite (i.e. the node graceful exited all satellites), then in this particular case there is no minimum threshold anymore, and all the money that StorjLabs owns to the SNO will be paid in Storj tokens during next payment phase, even if it’s only $0.03 worth of tokens, for instance.

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This is not the case anymore, see




Really? Oh.
That doesn’t sound great :slightly_frowning_face:

I mean, it implies that someone who decides to gracefuly exit might never get their held amount back?

Feels a bit unfair… Isn’t it?