Graceful Exit Guide

Ok - it’s me again - stupid question. Over the last months I’ve ben GE one of my nodes on my synology. Now it’s all finished successfully (thanks, working great) and as you can see bandwitdth usage etc. is down to 0 - which makes sense:

Can I just stop the node now / delete the folder and services? Or do I need to wait until the payout happens?

You can just stop the node if all graceful exits have completed. But to be sure you can just leave it running cause it looks like you already have. It’s possible they change the way the payouts work for graceful exit. But ive gotten my payout after just completely shutting it down.

If the GE was successful, you can shutdown your node.

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I am attempting a graceful exit and i must say it is excessivly slow… I started one 5 days ago on a 1 TB server with 10gb connection, and it is only 3% completed on saltlake satellite.
I fear at this rate, it will take half a year…
Any issue that could explain this ?

It doesn’t really matter how fast your internet is, the way graceful exit works is how fast each node that you send the data to an how many graceful exit workers are running. Graceful exit wasn’t designed to be super fast each satellite you run works on its own. It’s something that can take time. For 1 TB of space it could take a month to finish or more.

You could try to increase a number of parallel transfers (it’s 5 by default), however, if your router is not capable to handle a lot of transfers in the same time - you can fail a Graceful Exit (if your node would have more than 10% failure rate it will be disqualified).

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Do I understand correctly that a graceful exit is now possible after 15 months?

six months as of six months ago

No, definitely not 6 months. even 8 months does not start the output. That’s why I’m asking

The intention is to use a 15 months mark, however, we temporary reduced this age to 6 months and it’s still allowed.
Just every satellite have an own registration date for your node. So, it can be as old as 20 months on some and 4 months on other

so something is broken in the current version, the output does not work

Could you elaborate?
Try to exit one by one. If you are not eligible to call the Graceful Exit, it will post into logs an error message with the exact date and time when you can.

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в логах вообще тишина, нода в дашборде показывает что ей 8 месяцев

As @Alexey said:

us2 is less than 6 months old, so you can’t GE from it.


Thank you, it worked)

You can try to run GE with parameter --log.output=stderr, then it will print error messages directly to stderr, not to the log file.

на русском

Вы можете добавить к команде GE опцию --log.output=stderr, тогда она будет выводить сообщения прямо на экран, а не в лог

I have started the graceful exit from all the satellites but I get an error when trying to exit the US1 node? any ideas?

Please enter a space delimited list of satellite domain names you would like to gracefully exit. Press enter to continue:

Domain Name Node ID Percent Complete Successful Completion Receipt 0.00% N N/A
wai@wai-ak41:~$ sudo docker exec -it storagenode3 /app/storagenode exit-satellite --config-dir /app/config --identity-dir /app/identity
2021-06-21T19:34:53.754Z INFO Configuration loaded {“Location”: “/app/config/config.yaml”}
2021-06-21T19:34:53.776Z INFO Identity loaded. {“Node ID”: “”}
By starting a graceful exit from a satellite, you will no longer receive new uploads from that satellite.
This action can not be undone.
Are you sure you want to continue? [y/n]
Domain Name Node ID Space Used 13.58 GB
Please enter a space delimited list of satellite domain names you would like to gracefully exit. Press enter to continue:
You are not allowed to initiate graceful exit on satellite for next amount of months:
Error: You are not allowed to graceful exit on some of provided satellites

You need to have been with a satellite for at least 6 months and that satellite started at January 7th. So you either need to wait until around July 7th or skip that one.


thanks, I just got an email saying I got disqualified on europe-west-1 when I initiated the graceful exit yesterday. Does that mean it failed and now I have lost the held back coins?