Auto Update, host offline


I’m running a node with the docker image in a Linux machine.
In the last six weeks, I have the node, there was three automatic updates.
After all three updates, the docker didn’t restart and my node was offline. From some hours up to three days.
The watchtower is running.
Is there a way to prevent the unattended updates?
It would be helpful, if every operater gets a notification about the coming update.
Much better, as long it’s not an urgent update, if there will be some delay between the announcement and the auto update, so it can be done manually.

You need to use docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --stop-timeout 300 in your docker run command as specified in the guide, then the container will be restarted automatically if it’s fail.

When you start your container back - is it online?
If not, you need to fix an issue using this check-list:

The automatic updates are integral part of the docker container, it cannot be postponed. It will update your node when its time to come (we updates nodes by waves depending on NodeID).

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