Available disk space shows incorrect value

My node has suddenly started showing an incorrect value for available disk space via the terminal dashboard.sh script. All was working OK a day or so ago. Now showing the entire free disk space as available rather than value remaining out of amount specified in the STORAGE parameter. I’ve had negative values in the past that have cleared up and been reported in these forums but never this. Also, the Used space is over the amount specified by the STORAGE parameter by a small amount. Also, the GUI dashboard is showing even weirder values. Any ideas?

Terminal - v1.12.3

Uptime 304h57m59s

    Available        Used      Egress       Ingress
 Bandwidth           N/A     1.11 TB     0.89 TB     218.20 GB (since Sep 1)
      Disk      10.50 TB     6.02 TB


Total Disk Space - 6TB

Used -4.74TB

Free 10.5TB

Trash 242.07GB
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Thanks @nerdatwork. I had searched for something about this before posting and couldn’t see anything. Obviously didn’t search hard enough! Hopefully it gets fixed in next update.

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