Bandwidth.db seems has been partially corrupted

I’m here to seek advice,after a year with almost 0 maintenace I’ve been struggling in one of my nodes these days.

after the last incident (that could be resolved but left my node in suspension in all satelites) I’ve been monitorising the node almos on daily basis and foud in the logs that seems the bandwitch.db database is corrupted.

I want to try and solve it trought the methods showed here

but that means shut down the node for god knows how much time,and I’m not in a situation where I could be easily disqualified if I do so.

the node seems to have been uploading/loading fine and the dashboard struggles to load but after 10-15 minutes wait gives the data,so I’m asking how much important is the bandwitch.db in order to decide if this has to be solved NOW or I can wait to take my nodes out of suspension an then shut them for some hours to fix this

I just recently (lastnight) I had an issue with my bandwidth.db Its easy to repair, But you will loose all the stats if you follow the howto. You can just delete the database bandwidth.db and it will create a new one. Of course Make a backup of the orginal one. In case someone has a way to fix it and keeping all the data in tact.

I spent a few hours last night trying to recover my database file which is 40MB after I repaired it, it was 24KB.
I tried a few different ways to repair it every single one didnt have all the stats afterwords.
One of the ways I tried was running sqlite3 broken.db ".recover" | sqlite3 new.db

@deathlessdd This instruction could help to recover DB, you perhaps confused it with similar case but more disruptive, when the database is not recognized at all.

Just deleting the one database is not enough. You would need to move all remaining databases to the backup folder, then run the node once, it will recreate databases, then stop the node and restore all databases from the backup and run the node back.

Maybe thats why I thought it would recover the bandwidth.db, Cause I wanted to be able to save the stats and everything. I was able to restore it once but now I can’t even repair it with SQlite…Do you know any tricks on save the data inside the Database that I haven’t tried? I can open the database file with sqlite and view everything inside it, Once its on the node it just wont do anything with it.

We have only the instruction above. You can only speedup it a little bit, if you would use a RAM disk.

Would it just be a waste of time to try to save it? Does it even effect the nodes payout? Its been so long I dont remember what effects it. Just wanted all my stats on my dashboards so I know exactly what the node has done.

It doesn’t affect payouts. It affects the past stat of bandwidth usage on your node. In worse case you cannot check the correctness of the payout.


Oh ok thats what I thought but I still wanted to see all the stats if it doesnt hurt im just gonna let it slide this month. Thanks