Problem with collector "Database is malformed"

I just have some spare time and tried to replace my bandwith.db (wich had some tipe of problem and made my dashboard unacessable)doing what Alexei recommended me in this post

So I
-switched off the node
-deleted the storj docker
-removed all the .db files from storage folder
-switched on
-switched off after checking that all .db have already been created
-deleted once more the storj docker
-passed all my old .db except bandwith.db to the folder
-switched on the storj docker

so after I switched on the docker inmediatly went to see the logs to check if I can see some error,and I’ve seen 1 database-related error

ERROR collector error during collecting pieces: {“error”: “database disk image is malformed”}

so Anyone knows wich database now I need to replace cause is corrupted,or how I need to fix this?

I really don’t care if some local data is lost if the only consequence is that i lose some info from my panel