Bandwidth utilization comparison thread

I got 14GB ingress on Monday.
So that is similar to your 2 nodes, you got 3GB normal ingress and 4.3GB repair ingress, so 7.3GB ingress total. If you have 2 nodes behind the same IP then you got ~14GB just like I did.
@SGC got exactly half of our ingress, probably because there’s another node in his subnet.

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Looks like your screenshots are from today, 15Sep2020, so it’s incomplete data as the day has not concluded.


Here’s mine from yesterday if anyone’s interested:

Couple of notes:

  1. On 04Sep my fiber line was cut by people digging in my yard, and it wasn’t repaired until 07Sep, which is why my 04-07Sep won’t look like most other’s graphs.
  2. Then on 08Sep that repaired fiber line was cut again since the repaired line hadn’t been buried yet, and someone ran it over with a lawn mower, so then that was repaired on 09Sep, which again is why there’s a noticeable dip 08-09Sep…
  3. So all of that downtime is also the reason of both nodes have relatively high amounts of trash at the moment (missed all of the deletes during that downtime).

Node 1:

Node 2:


I updated my post, thank you for pointing that out.

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Yeah, same here…
There are days with more ingress and there are days with low ingress…
Unfortunately not much can be done about it.
It won’t make you feel better, but that’s how it works.
Just be online … and do other stuff, don’t watch the charts all the time (as I am doing) :wink:


Yes, it’s a bit addicitve to follow up several times a day.