Batch script to check for checking audits in windows

I use the following batch for docker in Mac OS it doesn’t work for the windows msi ( #!/bin/bash

docker logs storagenode > ${tmpf} 2>&1

echo -e "Unrecoverable Failed Audits:\t$(cat "tmpf" | grep GET_AUDIT | grep failed | grep open -c)" echo -e "Recoverable Failed Audits:\t(cat "tmpf" | grep GET_AUDIT | grep failed | grep -v open -c)" echo -e "Successful Audits:\t\t(cat "tmpf" | grep GET_AUDIT | grep downloaded -c)" echo -e "Failed Downloads:\t\t(cat "tmpf" | grep '"GET"' | grep failed -c)" echo -e "Successful Downloads:\t\t(cat "tmpf" | grep '"GET"' | grep downloaded -c)" echo -e "Failed Uploads:\t\t\t(cat "tmpf" | grep '"PUT"' | grep failed -c)" echo -e "Successful Uploads:\t\t(cat "tmpf" | grep '"PUT"' | grep uploaded -c)" echo -e "Failed Download Pieces:\t\t(cat "tmpf" | grep GET_REPAIR | grep failed -c)" echo -e "Successful Download Pieces:\t(cat "tmpf" | grep GET_REPAIR | grep downloaded -c)" echo -e "Failed Upload Pieces:\t\t(cat “tmpf" | grep PUT_REPAIR | grep failed -c)" echo -e "Successful Upload Pieces:\t(cat “$tmpf” | grep PUT_REPAIR | grep downloaded -c)”

rm $tmpf) does anyone have or know of a script that would do the same in the windows gui
Thanks in advance.

You can use this

Take Storj-Audit-Monitoring you can see all in local network or vpn nodes

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thanks will give it a look but I believe this is fo linux ditros

it aplication for windows, made it my self
linux ones for monitoring only

ok windows docker or gui

no difference, as it use web API

were do I find the web api I’m not very good at this - this is my

and second is sattelite there is 4 of them

just add to my soft your dashboard ip and port

It will be almost like in picture here

You can use the storagenode API from the Powershell as well:

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so is that your private ip ip my nodes run on static ips I don’t feel comfortable with http:// can I use Https://

it is in your locan network on your pc, you should put there your node ip

@Alexey my windows node runs on the msi under server 2016

thanks @Vadim I will give it a try in a bit

Your welcome, just ask if you have questions

Doesn’t matter, you can use the script for Powershell.
You shouldn’t expose your dashboard to the internet, in the local network the http is enough.

so http://staticip:14002/api/dashboard in power shell should work not in a browser window

Yes, you can receive a json object from this endpoint. And you can open it in a browser too.
But better to use scripts to parse data.

well the scrip at the beinning of this topic doesn’t work in my windows (not docker node) and http://staticip:14002/api/dashboard doesn’t work also