Best practice if you are behind a CGNAT?

Hi Guys,

unfortunately I am behind a CGNAT and my ISP offers only dslite, so I have not a real IPv4 address.

At the moment I use VPN with Private Internet Access, but I see many VPN servers from PIA where already other storj nodes are running and the automatic port changes from PIA aren`t good for my online score^^.

So I am curous what is the best practice if you are behind a CGNAT and how to get an unused /24 subnet?

Using another VPN provider with port forwarding? Getting a VPS and connect STORJ storage via ZFS?

I´m an interested newbie and need some hints from the experts. I run 3 nodes from home at the moment with 54 TB storage and I want to ramp up and to get good ingress to fill up my space.

Thanks for your help!

You can search for other VPN providers with port forwarding feature, but likely they will have nodes too.
Please, do not use network connected storage, they are much slower to respond and you will have a huge memory usage in a happy case, or disqualified node in worse.

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Likely the the mix of two would be better: get a VPS with sufficient bandwidth and run vpn endpoint on it, e.g. wireguard, with port forwarding to your server.

Since this requires some configuration not many people would have done it and you likely won’t be sharing the /24 subnet. You can always check the public IP you are issued here Neighbors before going through the trouble of configuring the tunnel.

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Yeah I got already a VPS and I saved money for the next 18 TB HDD. I will give it a try to setup my own VPN server. This month ingress is really low on my nodes until now.