Best practice to setup a second node on my setup

Hi, my system runs on ubuntu 20.04 LTS and is fully dedicated for Storj.

1x SSD dedicated for the system
1x 4TB USB 2.5" HDD dedicated for my actual node (docker)

I’m gonna add another 4TB USB 2.5" HDD dedicated for the second node.

Is there a guideline to setup the new node ? I already have a spare identity token, just waiting for my HDD to be delivered today.

Is the vetting process supposed to be as long as if it was the 1st node i run ?

Thank you.


about the identity, i just run

identity create storagenode2

so the certificate and keys wont replace those from the running node and create a new folder called

storagenode2 , correct ?

That is correct. To be sure it might be wise to move the identity from the default path so overwriting is not an option. But then again, that would mean changing things on your existing good node. So it’s up to you.

Thank you, new node running. Everything is fine. :ok_hand:

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If you want you can show off your setup here:

It was already in the showroom, just updated then,

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did not took much time to be vetted :slight_smile:


You won’t be vetted yet. That takes on average a month, though some satellites may be faster than others. However, unvetted nodes get quite a bit of data as well and your timing seems to be great as I see testing traffic has just started up again on europe-north-1. I’m guessing for that satellite, vetting will go quite fast atm.