Bucket exist but cant remove

As you can see there is a bucket named “bucket-name” with 1.8141 GB storage used


juerg@home-server:~/rclone$ uplink ls sj://bucket-name
Error: bucket: bucket not found: bucket not found: bucket-name

How to remove it?

Can you show the result of the command:

uplink ls

Do you see that bucket in the output?

In the meantime i recreated this bucket “bucket-name”. If it really existed it would have generated an error but it worked.

So now i rclone some files (40GB) and will use it as usual. So i think this was only a not synced entry on my tardigrade dashboard.

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After digging, I found that this page is displaying data from all buckets since the project was created, which includes those which have been deleted. I’ve made a ticket for this. Thanks!