Can I Operate more than one (1) Storage Node using different Payment Addresses for each Storage Node?

Probably this means, that these rules are changing as well.

5. Restrictions. You will operate the Storage Node in strict accordance with the terms of this Agreement and in no other manner. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you will not:

  • Operate more than one (1) Storage Node using different Payment Addresses for each Storage Node;

That’s not a change, they both say the same thing. Use the same payout address on all your nodes. The advise shouldn’t really be necessary as it was already a requirement. But can’t hurt to reiterate.


It’s restriction, not a proposal :slight_smile: So they say absolutelly oposite things.

That is correct if all of your nodes are using the same wallet address.

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Read it again. The restriction is you’re not allowed to use different payout addresses on different nodes.

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Read it again :slight_smile:

  1. you are not allowed to use different payout addresses on different nodes.

  2. If you are running multiple nodes, please make sure you are using the same wallet address on all of them,

This is not a proposal. This is a suggestion (or warning if you want to see it that way), that anyone not using the same payout address for all nodes, against the TOS, should change it now since by not doing so you may not meet a minimum threshold. There is no contradiction here.


The only one contradiction is that rules are changing very fast :slight_smile:
Month ago it was prohibited to use same wallet for all nodes. Now it is recommendation :slight_smile:

And i like it, just because i see how Storj growing up :slight_smile:

This is just absolutely false. It was never prohibited, the opposite has always been prohibited. I’m going to stop correcting you now. You’re just wrong. This requirement of using the same payout address has been there at least since I started in March 2019.


This year, Jun 25, Alexey replied to me, and I was reading Operator-terms on the same 25 Jun. Bellow Alexey’s print screen i believe also made this year.

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This is exactly what you posted above. Alexey is saying that your assumption about being able to use multiple addresses for multiple nodes is not correct.

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I’m totaly confused now :smiley:

Ok, the quoted text there is literally the same text you just quoted. Alexey could perhaps have been a little more clear, but he was pointing out that using the same address isn’t optional but required. As it has always been and still is. Lets stop this discussion, it’s getting really distracting on a pretty important thread for user feedback. Speaking of @Alexey, could you maybe split of this distracting conversation to get focus back on the much more important discussion of the payout changes?

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You should not use more than a one wallet for all your nodes.
You must use the one (only one) wallet for all your nodes.
Otherwise it is a break of TOS.

We did not apply any penalties for breaking this requirement as far as I know. But in case of the last change in the payout process (with holding payouts before the threshold) you will not receive a payout until the threshold is reached.


Well i see that in this project there are many changes (and this is absolutely normal) but somehow information about those changes does not reach the SNO’s. I was living with this storj support sugestion, that i have received personally to my e-mail. But looks like this is not a valid anymore:

I’ll give you that that statement is (already was at the time) contradictory with the ToS. It previously wasn’t enforced, but now it’s an even worse idea. Despite an old response from support, and definitely considering the new changes, you really should use only one address.

@BrightSilence it’s not about me or my addresses. It’s about the lack of information. In my opinion this is very important change. As well i’m quite active SNO. I’m reading this forum, i’m tuning my nodes and etc. But I’m NOT reading all changes every few days in the TOS. And i was 100% sure, that i’m doing everything right (as support told me), but now i understand, that even reading this forum, there is a huge chance to miss some important information. We all provide e-mail address’es with each node, would be nice to get most important updates over that provided email.

You got one inconsistent message from support. The ToS hasn’t changed. Like I said before, the ToS always said you’re not allowed to use multiple addresses. It previously wasn’t enforced (probably still isn’t), but that rule has become a lot more important with the rising transaction costs. Nobody needs to be informed of a change because THERE WAS NO TOS CHANGE.

Now if you are pointing to the added threshold for payout, yeah, I think they should send out an email update to those SNOs they have email addresses for. But that is a discussion for the other topic.

And i have no reasons to NOT believe support or double check their provided information. So for me “THERE WAS A CHANGE” because i was living with that incorrect information, thinking that is correct.

You seem to be arguing for sending out an email to all SNOs for a change in a ToS that hasn’t changed, just because you got a personal message that was inconsistent.

Please think really hard about what you’re arguing for, because it doesn’t make sense.