Can somebody remember how fast uploads was in V2

Can somebody remember how fast uploads was in V2. When I think back how fast uploads was in FileZilla I see no advantage in V3 from uploads point of view

The tested speed was 30Gbit/s. Our customers didn’t have a more fastest network on that time.
Perhaps it was unlimited.
We have had 100000 nodes across the globe.

And what the test for V3 actually?

I can share this one:

At the moment it’s about 5500 nodes.

Perhaps that was the total speed. But weren’t shards uploaded peer to peer to an individual node and then replicated from there?
It seems the upload speed would have been heavily dependent on that specific node’s speed.

With V3 all transfers are done in parallel to multiple nodes at the same time and so they are much less limited by individual node speed. The slide trade off is the additional processing work the uplink needs to perform in order to split up and erasure encode the pieces before upload. There is also more to upload because the redundancy is baked in prior to upload. So you technically upload almost 3 times as much data.

I haven’t used V2 as a customer, but based on just the difference in tech, I would assume V3 has much more stable and reliable speeds at the least. I would expect it to be generally faster, but it’s a little more demanding on your own upload speed compared to V2. However, it can scale up much higher if you have fast upload speed.

Actually I think V2 was faster in Upload

I haven’t used V2 so cant tell, but based on the way V3 splits the file in chunks there will be a hit on the bandwidth product and TCP Windows, specifically if your node is not in your backyard.

I tried both myself. In v2 I was able to maximize my upstream bandwidth of 100Mbit on 98%, with peaks to 120% (yes, my ISP allowed such things for a short time, perhaps not good configuration in the shaper).
The downside was the long tail: the last 1% is uploaded very slow, and overall speed was near the 30Mbit/s (3.75 MiB/s) for the 3.79 GiB file.

today’s test is 102% with peaks up to 120%.

However, because of slowing down after each 64MB segment, the overall speed is 2.66 MiB/s, It’s only 21.28 Mbit/s

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In the V2 files are uploaded in parallel too: all shards of the file are uploaded in parallel, then each node replicated their shards to neighbors.

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