Can't copy specific files



I use tardigrade for have backup files of my servers, but I have some files that I can’t copy, I have permissions for copy and other files work but not redis.conf
I use rclone 1.57.0 and octana is in sudoers

Thank you!

The S3-compatible gateways doesn’t support the change only time, if the object is the same.
So, please, use rclone option --no-update-modtime or even better - is configure the rclone to use a native integration: Rclone with Native Integration - Storj DCS

If you want to copy the object anyway, then it would be better to use --no-check-dest.
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Hello, thank you! I have tested but redis.conf can’t copy to bucket with --no-update-modtime and --no-check-dest :confused:

Please, check your rclone config, it should be configured as type = s3 and provider = Other, for example

type = s3
provider = Other
env_auth = false
access_key_id = ****
secret_access_key = ***
endpoint =
acl = private
chunk_size = 64M

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I think that is good

Could you copy the file locally and try to upload it independently?
I just generated such a file - and copy is working for me, but version 1.56.2

Yes wokring
I installed the version 1.58 a few hours ago, before I had the version 1.50.2
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But not with rclone :confused:

I mean to copy this file locally and upload with rclone the copy.

Ho okay, not work bucket to local

Also, since you use a sudo, the rclone config for root could be a different.

I make all with sudo command, I see is different per user

So, you did

sudo cp /home/octana/network/redis/redis.conf /home/octana/network/redis/redis-copy.conf


sudo rclone copy -v /home/octana/network/redis/redis-copy.conf octana-save:octana/2021_11_15/network/redis/

And it doesn’t work too, am I correct?

It’s work with your method, redis-copy.conf and redis.conf are same permission I don’t understand

Seems the original file could be used by something.

Do you have an uplink installed?
I would like to see the result of uplink ls --partial for this bucket.

Yes I have one container docker with redis, with uplink I have it Error: unknown flag: --partial
Ps: I’m idiot xd I test with bucket

uplink ls sj://octana --partial don’t work, --partial unknow flag

Ah, sorry. it’s uplink ls --pending

No problem, I don’t have permission with api key but I write all permission in creation key… :confused:

Ho ,when I want recreate access
Error: uplink: api key format: invalid macaroon version; uplink: API key appears to be an access grant: try running uplink import instead