Can't install msi on Hyper-V vm

when I tried to install the msi to the default c program files in the vm it does not complete error message directs me to contact the provider of the software my solution was to install it in the same drive that the data for the node is stored, this node was moved from another bare metal host to this vm I moved the identity and and the data folder for a total of 3.03 GB after the move the dash board shows 28.09 GBytes of disk space used how can that be is it my mistake, the vm host is also running a storagenode since Jan. fourth any suggestions. just to add more info the blobs has increased form 3.03 GB to 4.27 GB in the last 12 hours that it has been running in this VM dashboard is erroneous still will it get dqd.

Can you show the error message ? Also please use full stop at the end of sentence as it seems confusing.

well I would have to uninstall it from and then try to install it again to get the exact error message and failing the only audit that it has.

Always remember to note down or preferably screenshot the error message. This helps to diagnose the issue later.

thanks I am going to let the node run for a few days and then I will try to recreate the error message and post it here.

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found the problem orphan or corrupt previous install in c:\Program Files of the vm deleted and install was successful.

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