Careful if your using XFinity!

I noticed this today on XFinity website

Data Usage Plan

Your Xfinity Internet Data Usage Plan includes 1.2TB per month. If more is used in a month, we will automatically add blocks of 50GB for $10 each. For more details, visit

This almost seems like it should be illegal but it’s clearly written on their pricing.

Luckily in Spain, for 35 euro/month, my truly unmetered connection is loving storj :slight_smile:

I was running StorJ on a Synology at my parents and was looking into Comcast TOS and that’s why I’m brining this up.

It looks like for $25 or $30/month if your using your own modem you can get unlimited

Unlimited Data Plan Details

All Xfinity Internet plans come with 1.2TB (terabyte) of data per calendar month. And that’s a lot of data. Customers who use more than 1.2TB of data per month will be charged $10 plus tax for each additional 50 GB used, up to a max of $100 per month. For those who want peace of mind to never pay overage fees, we offer two Unlimited Data Options. You can add either of our Unlimited Data Options by calling 1-800-Xfinity.

Option 1: xFi Complete

  • With the new xFi Complete option, you get unlimited data (a $30/month value), whole home WiFi (so you’ll have the most WiFi coverage in any room), and our xFi Gateway(a $14/month value) with the built-in protection of Advanced Security to block online threats and protect connected devices, all for $25/month.
  • If you already rent an xFi Gateway, you can upgrade to xFi Complete for just an additional $11/month by calling 1-800-Xfinity.

Option 2: Unlimited data for customers who use their own modem

  • If you currently use your own modem and router, you have two options to get unlimited data.
    • First, you can add xFi Complete and get our xFi Gateway with Advanced Security, Unlimited Data, and whole home WiFi for $25/month. With this option, you would no longer use your own equipment to access Xfinity Internet, but instead use our xFi Gateway, which takes the place of your modem and router.
    • Or, you can add our Unlimited Data option for $30/month and continue to use your own Modem and Router.
  • Existing customers using their own modem can upgrade to the Unlimited Data plan now by calling 1-800-xfinity or clicking here.

Enrollment goes into effect immediately and applies to the calendar month in which you make the change. Any overage fees for that month will be cleared out and your next bill will reflect the relevant charge ($25 or $30, depending on your selected plan) from that month forward.

Enrollment in xFi Complete or our Unlimited Data Plan is optional and available to all customers in locations with the 1.2 Terabyte Internet Data Usage Plan.

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With the $30/mo fee for unlimited, what would that put your total bill at? Just curious to compare with ATT Fiber. which is $90/mo unlimited, no contract in my area.

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Around $150, but its at my parents and i think they ‘rent’ a modem from comcast.

this sounds like wireless broadband…

which would make sense… most places today charge extra when going over data caps…
however if you live in an area of fiber… well nobody cares because you cannot take enough bandwidth to make a dent…

however wireless broadband does remain expensive… no matter which technology one is using and it will have very limited bandwidth usually, which is why they use data cap’s and then try to get people to buy plans they will never use… or force them to over pay if they do break their cap… atleast they got a cap at 100$ xD
think thats a legal requirement in most of the world these days tho…

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I found a link to this under their 1000mbit XFinity residential plans. WHen you click “1.2 TB limit” or what not, then it takes you to the page showing the above prices.

The wording is horrible btw.

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It’s just what ISP offerings in a market with a significant lack of competition looks like. Data caps aren’t about network congestion management. They’re about making more money. Fiber networks have more than enough capacity to handle the load. When people started working from home and the load on home connections spiked, most US ISPs eliminated their bandwidth caps. So… spike in usage and no more bandwidth caps and everything went fine. So this just showed they weren’t needed to begin with.


Xfinity isn’t wireless, it’s wired to the home. They (like most ISPs) give you the oh-so-generous option to pay them monthly forever for hardware you can buy outright instead.

And yes, to BrightSilence’s point, the caps are just money-grubbing, pure and simple. Cox has already re-implemented their cap with a whopping 250GB increase from the 1TB it was already at.

Running a Storj node on one of these ISPs would only make sense if you either use so little that you still won’t go over the cap, or you already pay for unlimited for other reasons.


doesn’t really matter, its generally only wireless here that is sold on that payment scheme, also has a very wireless name… does looks like it’s actually an ISP / mobile provider so really one cannot even define it either way…

hadn’t looked it up, and running a storj node on one of these isp is very viable if one doesn’t have bandwidth caps…

tho i would say this is a scam company… first of the name… sounds so much like a scam, and secondly you cannot even check the prices on their site… meaning they will basically try to squeeze everybody as much as possible, for as little service as possible…

but hey, its okay to scam people so long as they inform those with eyes to see… lol


Xfinity is a Comcast brand. I’d argue they’re definitely a scummy company, but that’s because they use their weight to push for anti competitive, anti consumer policies as a matter of law.


I mean, i guess they did put it right in their company brand. X-finity, “because we won’t give you In=finity Network bandwidth for free”


Sorry resurrect but was re-reading. For those not in usa, please understand that Comcast is one of the top 2 or 3 providers of internet in the entire country. They aren’t wifi only and they aren’t small.

They push the small guys around.


And yes they are notorious for being a VERY scummy company.


Please show me any wireless broadband that allows 1.2 TB/month before they start charging you at 1000mbit.

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pretty sure if you got wireless broadband at 1000mbit then you are using a very directional service… even here we cannot get more than 400/30mbit wireless and how much it takes before they charge depends on their customer bases… usually tho it’s either unlimited or some kind of data cap atleast here… but i’m sure that stuff changes a lot even within national boarders and ofc with the whole corona thing, i doubt it’s getting cheaper…

however using 1.2tb without downloading like blueray or stuff like that which one barely needs… then using 1.2tb is actually quite a challenge…

i’ll assume you just mean wireless broadband since 1gbit wireless broadband is still mostly very much an expensive enterprise thing.

there no data caps :smiley: ofc most likely a new company and they will use data caps like everybody else when they get established enough…

So what’s the catch? If you use their modem it’s $25 for unlimited but it’s $30 if you continue to
use your own? This seems illogical unless they are able to throttle your bandwidth on their modem or they are selling your user data.

The catch is that even if you have the gigabit internet and you use over 1TB they can charge you per TB or something UNLESS you pay the extra $30/month.

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They shouldn’t be charging you more if you’re not leasing their equipment.

I stopped using xfinity for Storj as it was just a single node at my parents house and didn’t want to inconvenience them.

I cannot confirm that if you are not leasing their equipment, that the limit does not apply. Maybe someone who routinely exceeds 1TB/month on crapcast could clarify.

More bad news for Comcast customers (several US states didn’t use to have the bandwidth cap, but now during Covid work from home… Guess who decided to grab some cash…):

wow ISPs like that should be punished by boycott. That’s just rude…