Changelog v0.31.10

Important Storagenode Fix
With v0.31.9 we deployed a bug that will let full nodes accept uploads and sooner or later run out of space. V0.31.10 will fix that. If your storage node was full please force the update. Let us know if you have any problems to bring the storage node back online. My apologies.


@littleskunk Is it the same problem?

I would say yes.

Now I have to fill in more words to be able to post this.

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Is it safe to update skipping 31.9?

0.31.10 already has code from 0.31.9 so you are not skipping anything. You can safely upgrade.

I’m getting low traffic even after update, is it still limited by your side?

Read thid thread WARNING: Full nodes receiving data

Im on windows GUI. Automatically updated to 0-.31.9 at midnight no problem. everything ran well and kept going, fast update.

However, at 11:59 CDT today, my storagenode stopped. I’m guessing it did the update to 31.10 but DID NOT restart in windows 10. I had to manually restart after seeing my node was stopped and the storagenode service was stopped.

It appears to have received the stop request, but did not automatically restart. I was fortunate to be around when this happened. If not I could have been many hours or days before realizing my node hadn’t restarted.

Is there a change in 31.10 that could have caused this?

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Not really. The windows could not stop the service in the default timeout. And of course can’t start it because not fully stopped.


Well on 31.09 the log only shows approximately 2 second delay between shutdown and restart of storagenode update success. Is there a command I could use, maybe in config.json, that will delay shutdown so restart is automatic? In the windows service?

Or maybe restart could be delayed to allow for a stopped service 20-30 seconds on an update.

Procedure is hardcoded to Updater.
It send stop.
Make update(rename old, file, copy new file)
Then send start.

it is nor just restart command.

Hello , thank for update , can you please share the step by step way to update

here is for linux