Changelog v0.35.3

For Storage Node Operators

webUI dashboard notification (outdated version)
On the storage node webUI dashboard you will see a notification if your storage node is running an outdated version. The first time you might be able to notice that will be the following release.

Bandwidth limits removed
Storage nodes don’t have a bandwidth limit anymore. We removed it from the CLI and webUI dashboard. The old configuration value has no effect anymore and the storage node will keep accepting uploads and deliver downloads.

Dashboard API Changed
The endpoints for the dashboard APIs changed. I have updated the guide: Storage node dashboard API (v0.35.5)

For Customers

Gateway Binary
The gateway binary is now located in a separate repository and using libuplink. Please update your gateway version to the latest version.

Easy Link Sharing Service
Check out the uplink share command. It will print out a URL that you can send to your friends. Please don’t share it in public unless you understand the risks. If you do not restrict access, anyone with the link can upload files to your bucket. The owner of the bucket has to pay for all downloads.

Signup Workflow
You can now register without an auth key. After registration, you are required to add a payment method (credit card or $ 50 in STORJ). With a payment method in place, you can go ahead and create a project. We are starting with a project limit of 5 GB. We are aware that 5 GB is low. Increasing it is easier than decreasing it. On the satellite UI you will find a form to request a higher project limit. Please use it so that we can find out which project limit works best.

Known issues
The download limit is based on allocated download traffic and not on settled download traffic. Downloading a 1 GB file will allocate 1.35 GB and settle up to 1.3 GB. You will notice different numbers on the satellite UI.
The used space limit will sync with the tally results every once in a while. For several hours, it may display an incorrect value and later correct it itself.


Github release is not published yet because it would break some links to the latest gateway binaries. We have to update the documentation first.


What did actually change in the API? From a quick look at the first post in the other thread I do not see any difference from my scripts.

will this be a slow roll out as the previous one

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Api not work at all what hapened?

It’s working perfectly fine.

do you have windows gui, 35.3?
and did you checked API or you checked dashboard itself?

Hey Vadim, could you try /api/sno? The dashboard endpoint changed in this release.

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what about /api/satellite ?

OK found, /api/sno/satellite

School and kindergarten are closed in Germany. I had to take care for my 2 children first and didn’t find the time to finish the update. I have created a new topic with the new API endpoints here: Storage node dashboard API (v0.35.5)

As far as I can see we will get an API endpoint for payment information and hold back amount. That is the reason the API endpoint are changing.


Thanks, I’ll update my scripts.

Ooh finally FreeBSD in sight!

Is the tag changed from beta with this release?

are the docker images released yet

No, they are not. Storj usually releases the docker images after all Windows nodes are updated.

probably takes at least a week. So let’s just wait patiently until the nodes update themselfes

My node will not update itself until I run the update command :). However, I have set my monitoring system to notify me when a new docker image is available.

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The binaries for FreeBSD have been published, but the tag has not been changed - our build script needs to be updated.


Great! I will wait until instructions have been published to finally become a supported SNO.

no docker images yet

Sorry, my raspberry pi updated to v0.35.3

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