Changelog v1.1.1

For Storage Nodes

Payout Info on WebUI Dashboard
On the storage node dashboard, you will find the total earnings, total held amount and a detailed payout calculation. On the satellite side, we have to backfill the database first. My expectation is that the storage node will show 0 for now and the held amount in the detailed payout calculation looks incorrect as well. It still contains a lot of useful information that is worth displaying.

Audit Suspension Mode
To avoid unnecessary disqualifications we ignored unknown audit errors for a while. For example a wrong system clock or a disk IO error. With the preflight check, we caught most of the errors. For the remaining errors, we introduce a suspension mode. A storage node in suspension mode will not get selected for uploads and the repair service will repair segments that are in danger. The storage node will still get additional audits even in suspension mode. It should take only a few successful audits to get out of the suspension mode. More information you can find here: Design Draft: Storage Node "Suspended" State
Note: Unfortunately the storage node gets no notification about the suspension mode. That part will be finished in 1 or 2 releases. Meanwhile, we will not disqualify storage nodes in suspension mode.

For Customers

Linksharing was moved to a separate repository

For Satellite Operators

Repair in Memory or on Disk
The old repair worker was consuming a lot of memory. We added a config to switch between repair in memory or on disk. The default is on disk.

Separate Garbage Collection Service
Garbage collection needs a lot of memory as well. We added a config to run garbage collection as a separate process or as part of satellite core. The default is a separate process.


I know everyone would like to see the new payment dashboard but please remember the rollout will take a week. Don’t panic if everyone is talking about the new version but your node is not updated.


would that be business week or calendar week

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It means it can take up to 7 days until the docker image is published and might take 3 more days until your node updates if you’re on docker. Windows nodes will likely update within those 7 days.

But actually it means, don’t worry about being on the latest version on day one. Your node will update when it’s ready.


I was just to know how to count for the docker node the windows node is on gui so not worried about that , thanks

my windows updater service wants to update, but there are two 404 errors

2020-04-03T19:21:56.391+0200 INFO Start downloading to C:\Windows\TEMP\storagenode101536003
2020-04-03T19:21:56.544+0200 ERROR Error updating storagenode: bad status: 404 Not Found
2020-04-03T19:21:56.544+0200 INFO Downloading versions from
2020-04-03T19:21:56.687+0200 INFO Start downloading to C:\Windows\TEMP\storagenode-updater266200198
2020-04-03T19:21:56.977+0200 ERROR Error updating storagenode-updater: bad status: 404 Not Found

two nodes both UI dashboards telling me to update software but they don’t update

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Is it possible to change currently DQ nodes to suspension state?

First we need to finish the implementation of suspension mode.

again: the updater download links are broken (see my other post from the storagenode-updater.log)
or is that with a reason?

Should be fixed now. The github release was prepared but we missed to press the magic button at the end.


does that mean that the new update in the dashboard ui to update node software is intentional

I would say the early notification is expected. I am not the person in charge for that topic. I am only saying it is not unexpected for me.

this messages are for what purposeScreen Shot 2020-04-04 at 10.15.31

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I confirm it worked. But the “storagenode-updater” windows service did not start automatically after being updated itself. Starting the service manually worked.

it didn’t work for my win 10 node it also didn’t work on docker node

Is this new version notification for all platforms? Because I just updated to 1.1.1 and didn’t see it.

Docker image isn’t deployed yet but I got the notification in dashboard too which is a :bug: .

Is or will there be a need soon to change watchtower and/or docker to use production, latest, or other syntax besides beta?

This is also my Question. Stopped the Docker manually and pulled… but said its up to date:

docker stop -t 300 storagenode
docker rm storagenode
docker pull storjlabs/storagenode:beta
beta: Pulling from storjlabs/storagenode
Digest: sha256:10d50744ee9262970e5ebfb2d262078f9c691345207e68f4782ebc4c20eaa056
Status: Image is up to date for storjlabs/storagenode:beta


Ah found something… I think this must be "docker pull storjlabs/storagenode:alpha now?
And also Edit the Docker run Command with “alpha” instead of “beta”?