Changelog v1.1.1

Please look into doccumentation

Hi Odmin

When you look in my post, you can see that i started the docker like this. The Edit at the end of the post ist just a idea, which i found here: setup the node and here starting the node

When i run
docker pull storjlabs/storagenode:beta
It shows the message:

beta: Pulling from storjlabs/storagenode
Digest: sha256:10d50744ee9262970e5ebfb2d262078f9c691345207e68f4782ebc4c20eaa056
Status: Image is up to date for storjlabs/storagenode:beta

So what sould I do?

Thanks Markus

Hi @Crash343

Please be patient, docker image is not released.
Also, please look into this post and this post

windows node updated seven hours ago no payout info on web ui dashboard

If your node is v1.1.1 then click on “Payout information >” link

At the button of the page where your wallet address is displayed.

Known issues with the payment dashboard:

  1. The held amount and the total amount is not displayed. I hope that will work as soon as we import the old payout data into the satellite database.
  2. The payout detail page is calculating the payout for the current month but it is not an estimation what you would get at the end of the month. It is showing you what you would get if your used space and download traffic would drop to 0 for the rest of the month. At the same time, the dashboard is claiming to estimate the payout but that is not the case. We have to change the expectation or we have to match the expectation. I prefer option 2 ofc :slight_smile:
  3. Switching the satellite doesn’t work. For the moment the detail page will only display your total payout from all satellites combined. There is a satellite selector but that had no effect for me.
  4. The detail page is showing the incorrect held amount for the current month.

Now you might ask what is working on that dashboard? You can still see your payout break down by used space, download and repair+audit traffic. It is still a huge improvement and I am sure we can fix the current bugs in a few releases.


I ran into this with the earnings calculator. Initially it displayed payout for the entire month for storage, but only up until now for bandwidth. Since bandwidth usage really can’t be predicted, I eventually changed that to both just display the up until now value to be consistent. That way I could look at the number half way through the month and think it’s probably about double that by the end of the month. My advise would be to report what you know and what you know only. So I would strongly suggest to change the wording to earnings this month so far or something similar.

I don’t have the update yet, so patiently waiting until I can have a look myself. But I’m excited that this info is now becoming available!


sorry folks f5 corrected my problem

I hope storage node age is also included on known issues list:

This is my node with 9+ month age:

my node has been working for more than 9 months
is this a bug?

I think it no data about the held amount and as a result no data about age…

I posted a screenshot and a better description here: Awesome updates to the SNO Dashboard! [March 2020]


Thanks @littleskunk !

I don’t see the Held Amount Rate at all (node start on july 2019), and the scroll don’t work outside the center area.

is the same with me, see nothing!

Select a satellite from the list on the top. Please take a look at the screenshot linked 2 post above to understand which values of that page would be correct.

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ok thanks what i don’t understand i have been active since november, why am i still at 1-2’months ?!

You should really read this topic before asking anything else its all there.