Changelog v1.31.2

For Storage Nodes

Multinode Dashboard Payout Overview

For Customers

Allocated Traffic
If a customer requests a download but doesn’t execute the download we end up with a high amount of allocated traffic but a low amount of settled traffic. We use settled traffic for invoices and the allocated traffic for customer download limits. This difference is sometimes confusing to customers especially when they hit the download limit while the billing page is showing a fraction of that. We are working on improving the user experience. The first part is included in this release. If a user requests a download but doesn’t execute it we will still count that against the download limit for 48 hours. After 3 days we will reduce the download limit back to the settled traffic that the storage nodes have submitted in the meantime.

We have another improvement for a future release planned. If a customer requests a tiny part out of a big file we allocated traffic for a full segment. The customer doesn’t need to request the entire file and can download a tiny part of it. A useful feature to support video streaming for example. Storage nodes submit orders usually within 2 hours. We want to reduce the unused allocated traffic from the download limit with a future release.

Known Issue
The satellite UI is using a different data source for allocated traffic. The limit in the backend will be correct but the satellite UI will still show the old numbers (reset at the end of the month and not after 3 days). That bug has currently a low priority and I don’t expect a fix anytime soon. → Let us know if we should increase the priority.


How long does it take to become the “latest” docker image?

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Ok. Thx.
I noticed a significant drop in traffic after you published this update. So i have to wait until day 8 :frowning:

It could be possible if your current version is lower than “suggested” there:

Jep. it was lower. the Docker image was uploaded 10 hours ago. now it should go back to normal.
its a problem, if you raise the suggested version before every sno is able to update. the update on docker-hub was 5 days after the official release.

I would like to suggest you to check your watchtower - is it running? Do you have several instances of watchtower (if so, you need to delete all instances and start only one)?
Because a “current” (on yesterday 1.30.2) version was pushed 21 days ago: Docker Hub

Your storagenode should be on 1.30.2 when the 1.31.2 has been pushed.

My Storagenode was on 1.30.2. but suggests 1.31.2 as minimal version.

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It’s become so when the docker image got published.
@littleskunk perhaps we should update the current version after 72 hours after docker image push.

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Now you are mixing up minimum version and suggested version. We have to increase the suggested version because that is what the Windows and Linux updater will copy.

Maybe its easier to create the docker version earlier or create another branch.
sorry 4 the mixup. i mean suggested, minimal is 1.24.
Is there another updater than watchtower?

For docker version only watchtower.
For binary there is also updater: [Tech Preview] Linux Storage Node & Updater