[Tech Preview] Linux Storage Node & Updater

We now have a Linux storage node and updater available. The Linux installer and the new docker container are not yet available. That means for now we have to create the required services manually. If you don’t know how that works please skip this test round and come back later when we have the installer or the docker container ready. Please don’t migrate any existing storage node. Better start a fresh storage node and expect it to get disqualified. If you are still willing to help us testing the Linux installer here is the plan:

  1. Download the storagenode and storagenode-updater v1.15.3. Soon the v1.16.1 rollout will start and this gives us the opportunity to test if the updater is behaving as expected.
  2. Create a service for storage node and updater. Our recommendation would be this one: https://github.com/storj/storagenode-deb/blob/1857f4e9afde4100a5450c8608a05019a921f58f/docs/contributor-guide.md#storagenodeservice-and-storagenode-updaterservice
  3. Do you see any issues? Is it working? Which OS are you running?

I want to help!

I downloaded storagenode and storagenode-updater (from these 2 links: https://github.com/storj/storj/releases/download/v1.15.3/storagenode_linux_amd64.zip and https://github.com/storj/storj/releases/download/v1.15.3/storagenode-updater_linux_amd64.zip). But then what? Should I try to launch storagenode binary? Or should I directly create the 2 services manually without testing those 2 binaries?

I will test it my test hardware, everything is clear for me.
I have only one question: how to simulate “update”?

Both way would work. You can run them manually first or you create the services first. I would say it depends on how confident your are. How many restarts do you expect to get your storage node up and running? If the answer is “I have no idea” then better start with manual execution.

We have 2 options:

  1. We simply wait a few days until it is time for your node. The v1.16.1 rollout has started today and I will keep you updated every time the rollout cursor increases.
  2. I could setup a version server that would allow us to play this game within minutes.

I would prefer option 1 because that way we might discover some additional bugs that option 2 would not find. We could run both tests by setting up a second test node. Is it worth it? I think we can still do that if we notice that something is not behaving as expected.


I agree with you, variant 1 is preferred, I will inform you when everything will be ready for testing.

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Im also in the process creating a test node for this ill let you know as well.

So Far so good

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Sorry, I really want to contribute in the testing but I’m not sure what I have to do.

I’m on Debian and I’ve always used the Docker installation. So in order to make the test:

  • At step 1:
    • should I only download storagenode_linux_amd64.zip and storagenode-updater_linux_amd64.zip ?
    • And then, do I need the build the package (as explained here)?
    • Is it also required to install Go?

Thanks for your help.

Download, unzip and chmod +x both.

I believe these steps would build an installer. I would say skip that part and just create the storage node and updater services yourself.

You don’t need go and you also don’t need npm. All you need is the binary.

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I have the system service running I noticed it required some extra logs to be enabled in the config

But seems to be doing what its suposed to do.

systemctl status storagenode-updater would allow you to see the last log lines without having to enable additional logging. That is what I am using currently.

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Oh yeah thanks that works to, I was running journalctl -u storagenode-updater Forgot that I could use systemctl.

Rollout is now at 10%

Nice one of my storage nodes picked it up. The remaining nodes are still on v1.15.3

Can i use same Email Adress as of one of my other Nodes for identity?

Yes you can and now I still need to add a bit more useless words in order to send this.


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Still waiting for my test node to be updated nothing so far, but keeping a close eye on it.

Is there anything in the systemd journal for storagenode-updater?

Yeah just says

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