Changelog v1.53.1


I see lots of updates for server side copy again. Is this now available or still preparation?

In production, it is still disabled. You can watch that here: storj/satellite-config.yaml.lock at 0513d4cf3a8b44618380fff24626c80d5f7ba535 · storj/storj · GitHub

On the QA satellite, it is enabled so you can try it out with the latest uplink binary on the QA satellite. Gatway-mt is currently missing the latest changes so the test on the QA satellite is limited to uplink at the moment.

Somewhere Thursday or Friday we expect to enable server side copy on the QA gateway-mt and the following Monday might or might not be the day it all gets enabled in production.


Does anyone else have issues with the web GUI on 1.53.1? There looks to be a big malfunction with the graph…


Dashboard issue with v1.53.1

Many of us, if you switch from day to night view, the graphs reappear. On phones just put them in landscape mode and vice versa

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Ah I wasn’t looking for a separate thread, thanks.