Changing from windows to linux

I d’ont really understand how to migrate my node after changing my OS to linux.
1 : First step will be to install linux. no problem for that.
2 : I have to set up port forwarding again i guess. But new identity is not necessary i guess ?
3 : install docker CLI
4 : should i set up a new node or identity folder is enougth to recover my node ? i ask this question because when setting up a node we need to indicate the storage folder so i guess i should delete this node and make a new one with my identity folder on my linux system. If i do so will i lose data on my current node or will it be transfer to my new node ?
5 : run the node.

thank you for answer.

Hi @gandalf,

You need to think of the identity being tied to the data, and a lesser extent the db’s as well. If any one of those three are lost or different the node won’t boot, and the identity could be suspended or disqualified.

I don’t know how to move the data as you’re requesting so will leave someone else to reply for that.

Ok thank you for your answer i will check the link.
just for information i forgot to mention my node isrunning on an external disk so my question was, is it ok if just make a new node with identity and external disk plugged ?

Using a new identity means losing all your data that is assigned to your current identity.

Yes, i am planning to keep my identity folder safe on external disk as well as data stored during linux installation.

Use Ext4 for Linux and NTFS for Windows. You would need to format your external drive accordingly.

Then you don’t need to create a new identity. Just point to your identity files and your Storj data directory in your docker run command.

I would only warn - make sure that you moved your data inside the subfolder storage in your storage location, otherwise with a setup step you will create an empty storage in a wrong place and node will be disqualified for missed data.

For example, if your current data on D:\storagenode, then you need to do:

mv D:\storagenode D:\storage
mkdir D:\storagenode
mv D:\storage D:\storagenode\

Then you can use the d:\storagenode as a data location in docker version. After migration to Linux you will mount your disk to something like /mnt/storj, so the path to data will be /mnt/storj/storagenode in your docker run command

Thank you for answer to all of you :slight_smile:

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