Clarification on the first step on Creating Identity

I’m following the instructions here → Identity - Node Operator ( I’m a little bit worried on the first step Download the Identity Binary which has an instruction of “Open a terminal window as a usual user (not administrator or root) and paste the command for your OS:…”

Does the “(not administrator or root)” only means I should open the Windows PowerShell by clicking the “Open” as shown and marked(as red) in the screenshot below:

…regardless if I am using an Administrator User Account or a Local User Account in Windows Operating System?

I believe this is only because you need later access to the identity files which will get generated in the home directory of the user you run the command. So if you are not root but run it as root, the files will get generated in the home directory owned by root and you cannot access them as regular user.
That is my guess for the cited part of the instruction.


Hi @first,

Yes, just ‘Open’. As @jammerdan said it’s due to the eventual location of the identity files.

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Oh I see, so there is no need leaving my administrator account on Windows. Thanks @jammerdan and @Stob! I can now continue.

I have another question but this is irrelevant, what should I set up first? Port Forwarding or the Identity ?

The identity generation can require quite some time to reach difficulty 36. So I would start the process first. And while it is running, you can take care of the port forwarding.


Oh I see, I’ll be starting to set it up now, thanks @jammerdan :+1:

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