Compensation for delayed payments

Hi! How do I request compensation for late payments? I always hold tokens and now lose my profit (3x!!!) due to the lack of payouts. I want to be compensated for my losses.


I feel your pain @NotPaidForBugReport but I genuinely don’t believe Storj have done this to make money. In fact, this is a 2 way street and they could easily be paying out more Storj tokens if the price went down.

As long as they are making efforts to work around the high gas issues I don’t think its useful to ask for compensation. I’m sure there will be some kind of surge payout as a good will gesture when all of this has been sorted out. Storj has been very good with us SNOs so far.


NO storj has to hold payments

If they would pay out 5000 separate payments the fees would bankrupt them.
Storj isn’t a sprint is is a marathon. this is a snag that is being overcome. storj has to stay strong and united and SNO`s have to stay together even if they wont get payed immediately.


Hello @NotPaidForBugReport,
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You will be paid the total amount of USD we owed you when it will cross the Minimum Threshold for the payment period. It will be converted to STORJ on date of sending.
We do not push you to take the market risks and accumulate your earnings in tokens.

If you want to take this risk - you can opt-in for L2 payouts via zkSync and withdraw to L1 (not necessarily to the same wallet, you can withdraw to L1 deposit of exchange) when you want and pay fee which you agree.


It is fair to assume compensation for 2 months since I could not manage the payments and had no choice. The worst thing is that both times I was literally 2-3 dollars short before crossing the threshold.
Stop thinking that you know better than anyone what we need. If you want to delay payments, compensate for losses and / or lost profits.


Yes and … sarcasm follows … storj should stop sending test data to bulk out SNO earnings. I demand compensation for looking after their tokens for them.

Fair disclosure, I am one of the 208.

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No test data = very low real data => not interesting for SNO => no SNO’s => dead tardigrade :wink:


Now there is 10 700 nodes… What happens when 5000 nodes… 2x more ingress and egress 2x more money… simple

You cannot kill tardigrade

But better way is 2x more real data

Fair disclosure, I am one of the 208.

As long as the system is profitable for people, they’ll stay. And it just has to be barely profitable for people. Since many run their NAS 24/7 anyway, their costs are really low and therefore even a low amount of ingress and egress will be profitable.
Also there is no other project paying as much for HDD space, so storj will live. (But if you know where to get better money for your HDD space, do let me know :wink: )


To be honest, some of these questions make it sound like payments of <$70 are huge budget issues? Is this a pandemic thing, or are people seriously running that tight of a ship?

This is more or less a new technology startup that we are kick-starting, demanding money from them when they are following the contract that we all had to accept to participate seems weird. If the payout is that critical, it is likely not worth the electricity cost, and just cut the power and exit. Hopefully StorJ is successful, but their setup is very unproven, and much (as we are seeing now) can go wrong. Frustration is understandable, but this isn’t really going anywhere, paying more than the value of many of the actual payouts would be a very poor business model, and significantly degrades the chances of StorJ succeeding in the long haul. This is unfortunate, yes, but it was what we all accepted whether or not we realized it when we applied to host a node(s).


This is a understandable point, just do not mix it with missed opportunity, it’s out of scope of payouts.

We do not thinking that we know better. This is a business at the end - you agreed to provide a service on ToS and knows risks. We trying to treat people fair and do not break our ToS and want to survive as a company. Wasting money to send amount lower than a fee is not business-wize.
From the other side we do not want to leave our SNOs in the such position without any solution, so you have two options - wait until threshold is reached or opt-in for L2 and withdraw to L1 when you want.
I’m sure there would be other options too, not only zkSync. The zkSync is a beginning.


If the STORJ token lost significant value, you would not have said anything like this. You would have kept quiet, happy that Storj had to eat the “loss” instead of you.

Nothing is stopping you from investing in the STORJ token. Go buy some ETH and exchange it for STORJ.


=> empty threat => people aren’t leaving in droves => not a constructive post => what’s the point? :wink:

SNOs don’t come here to not complain. The forum really doesn’t tell the whole story, but neither the estimate from storjnet, nor repair traffic on our nodes suggest that a lot of SNOs are leaving.

Now I’m not trying to say the transaction fees aren’t a problem. I would just rather focus on finding a solution than trying to expose how it hurts Storj Labs’ bottom line. It doesn’t, not yet at least. The problem isn’t SNOs leaving, it’s SNOs being unhappy. And they’re working hard on alternatives to remediate that. But the situation we’re all in sucks, there is no simple solution. So please have a little patience.


What does it mean? What is this “208”?

Anyway, 100% agree with you (@kevink, @Krystof, etc.). I didn’t get paid since December.
But, @NotPaidForBugReport, honestly, did you expect to use Storj as a primary source of revenue? Can’t you really live without Storj revenue during 2 months (or even more)?
You are right: SNO are the backbone of Storj Network. But as a SNO since August 2019, I consider myself as a partner, someone who has an interest to support Storj’s growth. Asking for a compensation like this (I mean like a spoiled child or a unhappy client) is really something bad for you AND Storj Labs.


208 payments from storj to SNO this month


Hi, i did not receive any payment for the last 3 months. I make am average of 13 usd per month.
This really sucks :frowning: