Config option to stop Ingress (temporary)

I’m still trying to migrate my node (2TB) from a NTFS to a EXT4 disk. Initially my storage size was 7TB with 1.8TB filled. I already limited it to 2TB to reduce traffic.

Running rsync takes a lot of time…

Is there a way to stop Ingress through configuration to avoid needing to do too many rsync’s?


One option is to set the available space lower than the actually used.
Node will show the difference as Overused and will not accept new data, will only egress and slowly delete the data - but delete only the data that is expired or after receiving a bloom filter.
Once you will be done rsyncing you can put it back as it was.

Edit: and after changing the settings you of course have to restart the node to load the new config.


Thought about that as well, but that explicitly deletes data no? Imagine I would set it to 1TB. Will the node start moving data to other nodes and delete it on my node or will the node just delete it when the customer deletes it.

I don’t want to delete good data, but ok if no new data comes in temporarily.


It won’t, it only deletes what is expired or after receiving a bloom filter.
I set one node to be around 70GB Overused at the beginning of the week and it is still sitting at -62.25GB.



Just stop the node and robocopy the data. It will take you 2 days, maybe less if you put both drives inside the pc on SATA.

EXT4 is not working great on Windows (Robocopy) and these are both USB drives. I could break their caddy/case and plug them in SATA, but that is not fun if I want to keep them on my desk.

You should be able to start a WSL, in which you can mount the ext4 partition and the Windows partition.

Then you can use rsync, while keeping your node running.

You might even be able to access the disk from Windows, when mounted in WSL (but not sure about it) and then use Robocopy.

yes, you can, the drive in wsl will be available via \\wsl$\<distribution>\mnt\new-drive in Windows.