Costs of electricity to run a storagenode


well that just seems unfair… lol

Everything is tied together. Lower prices for services and lower income. And vice versa

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Very interesting. My operational cost is limited to electricity (the cost of equipment is a capital cost). My rig runs about $10 per month in electrical cost with each HDD running around 65 cents per month in power. I pay 15 cents per KWh. I am planning on loading up the rig with as many high capacity drives as demand allows.

Good move working for Storjlabs! :slight_smile:

You’d think with more and more things starting to become global this would even out a bit more. The upside is that running storage nodes will be much more interesting and profitable over there.

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my 5 times as expensive power is eco friendly lol on good days 100% windmill generated, but yeah windmills aren’t cheap…