Creating identity

Just configuring my new Pi4.
Never used Linux before so following instructions carefully. Currently, have the create identity command running which will take a long time, if i shut the SSH terminal window and shut down my PC… Will i have to restart the process or can i log back in and see where it’s go to ?

You shouldnt run identity on the Pi itself you should create it on a more powerful PC. The program will stop if you close the SSH.

but you can use the program “screen” to keep things running in background.
However, I agree that you should run the identity generation on your desktop pc

not sure i know how to copy it back over to the pi with limit Linux skills?

You can use winscp to copy it over to the PI

are you able to assist with commands how to copy back@

ok, what folder does it need to do in as I’ve connect via filezilla so can drag and drop now

It can go into your user home folder your going to point the config where ever the identity ends up being anyways.

which one, don’t see a user folder anywhere?user

Its in the “home” dir


Yes exactly your user is pi

now where…
Sorrypi folder

It doesnt matter where your going to be pointing the config to where every it is.

ok so this path ok?
i’ve copied it over

Yes this is fine. Like I said you can put it anywhere you want it.

ok but i now get this error

Are you running docker? or are you running binary? If your running with binary that is the default location that the identity needs to be.

no idea…
just following the instructions here.
So maybe not

Not sure I understand what your trying to do? Are you trying to re authorize your identity on the pi?