Current Month Earnings in Node V1.67.1

To the person who wrote the fix, YOU’RE THE BEST.


I just restarted my nodes, and the ones on 1.67.1 reverted to 1.66.1. All nodes have been fixed. THANK YOU STORJ!!!

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I also have QUIC misconfigured after the update. Restart didn’t help. The “Disk Average Month” statistics data has been reset.


this node is 3tb full but displays 74.31GBm

UPD: QUIC is ok.

why is my disk average been resetted going from 1.66.1 to 1.67.1 ?

Same here regarding restart of “Disk Average Month”. Also, QUIQ is now misconfigured (it shouldn’t…).

Hi all,

Just had a look at the dashboard of a node I run and noticed a fairly massive difference between the reporting for data used and the reporting for actual payable data for November. This is weird as the reporting for used data for October is quite similar to November but reporting (and actual payout) for payable data is totally different. How could a node that stores about 1.44TB throughout the month with nearly 100% connectivity report 54.49GBm as disk average when for last month - with an almost identical Disk Space Used This Month -graph - it was reporting 1.31TBm?

I checked out some of the late topics related to this and it seems there is both a problem that does affect payouts and also one that would not seem to. How would I determine what my case is about? Or is there something I missed here and this is quite usual?

The node is running on a baremetal Ubuntu -box which is connected by a 1GB fiber and is quite a fast one.

Any comments on this? I made a collage of screenshots taken just now which displays the issue I seem to have:

See Discrepancy between B*h reported by satellites and storage used on node (impacting node payouts)

Hello @Fazed,
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I guess your node is on v1.67.1 and it has this bug, it’s fixed in v1.67.3

Hello @Alexey and thank you!

Yep, the node is on automatic updates and has updated to v1.67.1. I was guessing the bug might be the reason for my issue but was not quite sure as it seemed like there were other issues happening to a few commenters.

Is it fixed in v1.67.3? I had v1.67.1 and it got updated to v1.67.3 and it still displays the same value.

Ctrl + f5 doesnt help, tried.

Can you post a screenshot or a little more context of what number you think is wrong?

The Current Month Earnings on the main page is still wrong, but corrected on Payout Information page.