Dashboard and earnings.py script don't match

Seems to me, per the subject, the two methods to check performance are wildly different…?
Check the satellite I focussed on in the dashboard - Payouts are different - the nodes been up with that satellite since 2019-08-13 yet the dashboard says its the first month?
The only things that match are the Download and Repair payouts?

What am I missing here ?

Ignore the web dashboard’s payout till its fixed and trust what earnings.py shows.

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Ah right @nerdatwork … I didnt realise it was busted … :crazy_face:

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More precisely the held back amount calculation doesn’t yet work on the web dashboard. This leads to it assuming 75% will be held back and that’s what you see in the totals. I’m not entirely sure why storage calculation doesn’t match either, but that one is really close and I think the dashboard might simply use slightly older stats for that calculation.

To be honest, I’m actually really pleased with how well they match for the values that are already implemented correctly. It’s a confirmation for me that I did it right when building the calculator.


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